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A Bridge

Yehoshua Zamir is one of the initiators of MidEast Web. Yehoshua lost his son Yaron in the Lebanese war of 1982.  Yaron's diary has been published on the Web as his testament to peace. Yehoshua tells of his fight for peace and his experiences wherever and whenever he can (see Survival is Not Enough ).

Below, Yehoshua tells of a correspondence carried on with an unnamed Palestinian. Isn't it too bad that the correspondent must remain anonymous?

[Yehoshua Zamir passed away in November 2002]


What I have been trying to do for the past 17 years: using words and visuals as my modest way to help "resolve conflict" between us and our
Palestinian and Arab neighbors. To convince you how by the use of words, a beautiful and wonderful bridge was created, I invite you to share with me the words of my Palestinian friend, Mr. H, as they appear below.

It was this letter that opened our hearts to each other and some day I will
be able to publish this correspondence.  Unfortunately, his name and identity I am not allowed to disclose, because he still fears the threats of the extreme fundamentalists in his city, even now, several years after the Palestinian authorities are in total control.

I chose to call our correspondence the same name as my book: "Survival is not Enough" - Writing to one another - from both sides of the Green Line.

{below is the first letter from H- transcribed as it was received in both English and Hebrew originals}

Mr. Y. Zamir. Dear Sir, Shalom:

A short time ago, I was listening to Israel Radio, Reshet A to a programme called "Face to Face" in which you were a guest of honour and the subject of which was your son Yaron wpe14F.jpg (839 bytes) who fell in the Lebanon ten years ago.

Let me tell you sir that I sympathized a lot with you and shared with you the tragedy that befell you. Please do accept my consolation, condolences and heartfelt emotions on this occasion.

In spite of being an Arab, I felt that calamities know no limits. I am a father and do acknowledge that the loss of a son is the greatest of all sacrifices. The loss of a dear son surpasses the borders of nationalities and consolidates us all in the face of further calamities.

It is once quoted that "We are in this world two halves: the first has already suffered; the second is waiting to do so."

Please do remember me Mr. Zamir as a new friend of yours, from outside your close surroundings.

I am a principal of a secondary school in Nablus, aged 54 and a father of four. I do kindly request you to send me your book on your son Yaron wpe14F.jpg (839 bytes) to show it to my students in the school library. Any further books in English and Hebrew sent as a donation on his soul will be greatly appreciated.

With best wishes and sincere compliments.

Yours truly,


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