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Why We Cry!

 David Katz


In the City

of Jeru's


the pavement cries

up to Jesus

son of Maryam.

"Why does blood

flow in my

saddened veins?"

The Jerusalem of

the mystic's


beating only for

the Love of God,

has a coronary

every few days.

Tears well in the gentle eyes

of Mustafa,

the Chosen One,

as  the wailing  ambulances


to  the  hemorrhaging stones

where once the steed Barak

carried the Prophet to Mihraj

with the Lord of Patience, Compassion, and Mercy.

O' cry for your lost children

all you Peoples of the Book.

Let the elder sisters comfort the young girls,

and the brothers of faithfulness embrace those who fear harm.

You who say you  love Jesus,

who say you  love Abraham,

who say you  love Moses, 

who say you  love Muhammed,

cry you now in the starless night to the Lord of Hosts to place forgiveness in your hearts,

that Jerusalem may lay down to sleep in peace.



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