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West Bank Water Resources

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West Bank Water Resources

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 West Bank Water Resources

The Israeli occupied West bank includes scarce water resources. The three principle underground aquifers of Palestine, marked in dark blue on the map, are found largely in the West Bank. These mountain aquifer areas have a water saturated substratum 200-600 meters deep. Light blue areas indicate land with less water, in which the thickness of the saturated subterranean stratum is no greater than 200 meters, with low potential water yield. Violet areas have little or no water.

The mountain aquifers are:

Yarkon-Tanninim Aquifer (1) This supplies Israel with about 340 million cubic meters of water annually, which are used by the Jerusalem-Tel-Aviv area. Palestinians use about  20 million cubic meters a year.

Nablus-Gilboa Aquifer (2) This supplies Israel with about  115 million cubic meters a year, largely for agricultural irrigation in the kibbutzim (communes) and moshavim (cooperative settlements) in Galilee.

The Eastern Aquifer (3)  . This supplies about 40 million cubic meters annually to the Israeli settlements in the Jordan Valley, and about 60 million cubic meters to the Palestinians.

Israeli planners consider that the Yarkon-Taninim Aquifer is vital to Israeli water needs, and therefore would like to retain control of settlement blocks over that area, adjacent to the so called "center" of Israel, the Gush Dan area. It should be noted that Israel's water supply always came from these Aquifers, both during mandate times and when the land was held by Jordan.

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