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  "First Disclosure of Historic Document: The Final Route of the Separation Fence"

Amnon Rappaport, Ma'ariv (Hebrew) October 24, 2003   

It's finally happening.   After years of disagreements and discussions, work teams will soon start finishing the fence along the dividing line to separate Israel from the Palestinians.  Ma'ariv has obtained a copy of the final maps, which have been recently completed by the defense establishment, and this is their first publication.

    As the attached detailed maps show, the fence will have an extremely winding route and will run among mountains and streams, among Israeli and Palestinian towns and villages.   The purpose of this tortuous route is to allow the inclusion of as many settlements as possible on Israeli territory.   The approved route contains numerous enclaves, including the Samaria enclave that will contain Ari'el and the adjacent settlements, such as Qedumim and Qarnei Shomron, as well as additional enclaves surrounding Kfar Etzyon and Giv'at Ze'ev.

[Click Here for the text of a UN Resolution Condemning the Fence]

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