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The Swiss Accords (Beilin-Abd Rabbo Agreement) : Maps and Principles

 October 16, 2003

The "Swiss accords" (aka "Geneva Accord") are a document that was "completed" but not signed in Ramallah in October, 2003, as a draft peace settlement between Palestinians and Israelis. None of the people taking part in this document represent their governments officially. However, the Palestinian delegation included noted officials of the PLO and Fatah, including the Fatah Tanzim, and the Israeli delegation included well known opposition politicians. Therefore, the agreement represents the sentiments of a significant segment of the public on both sides, though it is not a majority view. The main breakthroughs in this agreement are the Palestinian readiness to give up the Right of Return of Palestinian refugees to Israel proper, and the Israeli readiness to give up the Temple Mount and the large settlements of Efrat and Ariel. It has aroused a great deal of opposition in Israel and Palestine, from both leaders and the public. A poll shows that about 32% of Israelis support the agreement, and about 50% are opposed. At this time, all information about the agreement is unofficial.

Click here for full text of the agreement  Click here for more details about the agreement.

The maps below show the division of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem. Please note that these maps are not accurate. Efrat will be in Palestinian hands, and will not be retained by Israel under the agreements, and there may be other errors as well in the area of Jerusalem.

Exchanges of territory according to the agreement, in detail. 


Adapted from http://www.haaretz.co.il/hasite/pages/LiArtSR.jhtml?objNo=54054 (originals in Hebrew only)

Ami Isseroff,



With thanks to Carol Greenspan.


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