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Mideastweb offers three separate e-mail mailing lists providing a newsletter with opinion columns and announcements, an open e-dialog, and a news service (MewNews). 

Newsletter -  PeaceWatch and Viewpoints are news and opinion letters sent about once or twice a week on average including  full length articles, formal comments, exchanges of letters and replies by MidEastWeb and PEACE members. Click here for more information about the Newsletter and subscription information.

E-Dialog - MidEastWeb dialog is a neighborly forum for fruitful discussion and exchange of ideas. Click here for guidelines and subscription information about our dialog list.

News Service - MewNews sends daily clippings of news about the Middle East from different online sources around the world.  Click here for details and subscription

Please manage your subscription using  automatic listserver commands such as those explained below. The commands must be sent from the address at which you subscribed, to the addresses listed (not in the body or subject of the letter). Please do not ask MideastWeb to subscribe or unsubscribe you or change your subscription unless you are experiencing some difficulty with the automatic commands.  If you have a problem with the automatic listserver. then contact the "owner" address below. Be sure to include the error message you got from Yahoo!. If you are changing addresses,  unsubscribe by sending the unsubscribe command from the old mailing address, and sending the subscribe command from the new address.

Send mail to these addresses to perform the different commands (the MidEastWeb list is used as an example):

To subscribe or re-subscribe  
To leave the list
To stop mail temporarily
To resume mail
To contact the listowner

Postings to PeaceWatch/Viewpoints and to the MidEastWebDialog should follow the MEW Guidelines.

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