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Detailed Map of Southern Palestine/Israel (Negev) - 1949
Signed by Moshe Dayan and Ahmed Sudki El-Jundi

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The detail below is part of a map prepared in 1944 by the British Palestine Survey. It was updated in 1946, and was apparently used by the armistice negotiators in 1949 to provide the basis of the Israeli-Jordanian border as it was until 1967.

This section shows the Southern Negev, the border with Egypt as demarcated in 1906 and the border with Jordan (marked "not demarcated"). A heavy black line was drawn along the Jordanian border, demarcating the armistice lines.   The upper left corner of the map from which this is taken is signed by Moshe Dayan for Israel and Ahmed Sudki El Jundi for Transjordan.

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