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UN Security Council  Resolution 62
November 16, 1948

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Security Council resolution 62 was the resolution empowering the conclusion of armistice agreements. The talks were held in Rhodes during the following year, under the aegis of UN Mediator Ralph Bunche, and were intended to lead to a permanent peace. The following agreements were concluded subsequently:

Armistice agreement between Israel and Egypt - February 24, 1949

Armistice agreement between Israel and Lebanon - March 23, 1949

Armistice agreement between Israel and Jordan - April 3, 1949

Armistice agreement between Israel and Syria- June 20, 1949

Relevant Maps:

Map of UN Partition Plan for Palestine - 1947

Map of Jerusalem - UN 'Corpus Separatum' and Divided Jerusalem

Map of 1949 Israel Armistice Lines - The Green Line

Syrian Israeli Armistice of 1949 - borders and detailed map

Ralph Bunche received the Nobel Prize for Peace for his work in negotiating the agreements.

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    Security Council

S/RES/62 (1968)

16 November 1948

62 (1948). Resolution of 16 November 1948


The Security Council,

Reaffirming its previous resolutions concerning the establishment and implementation of the truce in Palestine, and recalling particularly its resolution 54 (1948) of 15 July 1948 which determined that the situation in Palestine constitutes a threat to the peace within the meaning of Article 39 of the Charter of the United Nations,

Taking note that the General Assembly is continuing its consideration of the future government of Palestine in response to the request of the Security Council in its resolution 44 (1948) of 1 April 1948,

Without prejudice to the actions of the Acting Mediator regarding the implementation of Security Council resolution 61 (1948) of 4 November 1948,

1. Decides that, in order to eliminate the threat to the peace in Palestine and to facilitate the transition from the present truce to permanent peace in Palestine, an armistice shall be established in all sectors of Palestine;

2. Calls upon the parties directly involved in the conflict in Palestine, as a further provisional measure under Article 40 of the Charter, to seek agreement forthwith, by negotiations conducted either directly or through the Acting Mediator, with a view to the immediate establishment of the armistice, including:

(a) The delineation of permanent armistice demarcation lines beyond which the armed forces of the respective parties shall not move;

(b) Such withdrawal and reduction of their armed forces will ensure the maintenance of the armistice during the transition to permanent peace in Palestine.

Adopted at the 381st meeting.1/


1/ The draft resolution was voted on in parts. No vote was taken on the text as a whole


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