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"أدمايم" "Adamai” “אדמיי"

New - Peace Child Israel Ambassadors -ADAMAI at La Capitale in Manhattan


Shlomo Gronich and Lubna Salame's new music group 'Adamai'

 video ! 

Too Absurd: Some say we're traitors, some say na´ve
Too Absurd: Some say we're traitors, some say na´ve (Hebrew/Arabic)
Channel 10 - Adamai Ensemble on tour

On June 12th, the record  number of kassam rockets fell on Sderot (16 in 12 hours).  Arab-Jewish ensemble  ADAMAI , featuring Shlomo Gronich & Lubna Salame  performed that night in the opening of the 5th Annual “Festival HaDarom”

Photos of Adamai   Adamai - 1001 Nights   Press Release:Adamai

 Notice John and Yoko in the film prepared by the students of the Sapir Film School.

 ADAMAI performing "We Brought Peace Upon Us",  Peace Child anthem


“Adamai” is the outcome of a 5-year process which began when Shlomo Gronich and Lubna Salame met for the first time while recording “We Brought Peace Upon Us”, the anthem of Peace Child Israel. The CD and video clip were made at the beginning of the intifada as a call for cessation of the violence. Mr. Gronich and Ms. Salame have since cooperated on numerous musical projects, but have now committed to establishing their own musical ensemble dedicated to the process of listening and understanding.

“Mankind” (Adam). “Earth” (Adama). “Blood” (Dam). ” Water” (Mayim). ““Adamai”. Connectors and separators. The members of “Adamai” confront these complicated issues on personal, inter-personal and musical levels . . .

ADAMAI Ensemble – One of a kind

Shlomo Gronich and Lubna Salame gathered the finest musicians in Israel when establishing the ADAMAI ENSEMBLE with the intent to create something new and something unheard of in the world-music scene, but particularly in the Arab-Jewish genre. Numerous bands have been formed with the east-meets-west formula, but none like ADAMAI. Born of a commitment to make a change in the region, at the outset of the 2nd intifada, and at a time when standing up for non-violence was unfashionable, the roots of ADAMAI are found in the November 2000 meeting of three original members, Shlomo Gronich (musical director, keyboard, vocals and shofar) Lubna Salame – world renowned interpreter of Um Khoultum, and Gadi Seri – known for his use of darbouka and eastern percussion instruments in jazz and Latin arrangements. Imad Dalal (oud) joined Gronich and Salame in 2004 for the first time when they appeared together on Channel 1 of the Israel Broadcasting Authority Independence Day programming. Veteran world-renowned jazz artist Albert Piamenta - master of the clarinet, saxophone and Arabic flute, the nay, joined when the ADAMAI Ensemble was founded in February 2005, along with multi-talented electric bass and contrabass artist Gilad Ephrat and keyboard-synthesizer- accordion celebrity Doron Picker.

Shofar, nay, accordion, electric bass, contrabass, synthesizer, saxophone, Darbouka, oud, keyboard and vocals – instruments and personality that give the ADAMAI ENSEMBLE its birthright and originality. Each musical arrangement is unique to this extraordinary make-up of musicians that comprise the ensemble. Similarly, the repertoire is unique to the ADAMAI Ensemble’s commitment to making a difference, culturally and socially. The classic “Blowin’ in the Wind” when performed in English, Arabic in Hebrew is just one example. “Hello peace, hello”, written by Gronich for the signing of the peace treaty between Israel and Jordan was given a new arrangement for Lubna Salame to take the lead with the text in Arabic language. When a typical ”khafla” begins with the pulsing beat of Ephrat’s bass guitar and the riffs Piamenta’s saxophone and is followed by Salame’s agility that is interjected with a klezmer melody by Gronich , the audience enjoys a musical experience heard nowhere else but at an ADAMAI Ensemble performance. Two new songs “Absurd” and “A Song” written since the second war in Lebanon signify the dilemmas and challenges of making music in a battle zone.

  Here are  Photos of Adamai Press Release: Toward the Light and Adamei Debut     Adamai music ensemble video 

Adamai - 1001 Nights


Repertoire includes:

Khafla (Arabic folklore)

2 songs of land (Folklore)

Zamen el Salaam (Time for Peace)

Dream Peace (Bat-Chen, Piamenta)

Blowin’ in the Wind (Bob Dylan)

God Bless the Child (Billie Holiday)

Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton)

Fils de (Jacques Brel)

Valse a Mille Temps (Jacques Brel)


New arrangements by Shlomo Gronich:

I’ll Quietly Open

Hello peace, hello

Song of Belief

Toward the Light

All Will Be

How Long?

1001 Nights

We Shall Overcome" (rap)


We Brought Peace Upon Us




Video-ADAMAI Rehearsal The music ensemble, ADAMAI Adamai Web Site


Peace Child Anthem- Hearing and Seeing is believing

The Peace Child Anthem Words

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Video: PEACE SONG: Before we die we'll sing: "We brought peace upon us"buttonsong.gif (1014 bytes)


 Peace Child Israel - Background

Established in 1988, Peace Child Israel is the veteran organization utilizing theatre and the arts as a tool for cross-cultural dialogue in Israel.  Committed to addressing minority-majority relations and co-citizenship issues. the goals of Peace Child Israel are:  education for democracy, pluralism and tolerance in the Israeli society.  Through the medium of theatre and the arts, the pedagogical objectives of compassionate listening, critical thinking and non-violent communication are applied whiling workshop participants address issues of identity, stereotypes, mutual respect, equality in a democratic society, cultural similarities and differences.  Role playing, reverse role-playing, collage, movement and improvisation are among the numerous tools used to facilitate experiential learning.  cooperation in the creative process reSULTS in the writing and performance of AN original play by each group of teens from neighboring schools that participate in the project.  programs for parents and teachers were added to the organization’s agenda in 2001.  The Peace Child Israel program is recognized in the Ministry of Education “Community service program”


How to Donate

Donations may be made payable to Peace Child Israel and sent by mail to:  PO Box 57431, Tel Aviv, 61573 Israel or via the New Israel Fund.

In North America, contributions to Peace Child Israel can also be made via the
  P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc


Peace Child Israel: Making Conflict Resolution and Dialogue Work in the Middle East


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