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Press Release- Peace Child Israel USA Tour - Jan 2006

 West Coast U.S.A. (Parents and kids from Sakhnin and Misgav participate in the 3rd Annual  Family Peacemakers Camp at Camp Tawonga

Press Release and Schedule Information- Peace Child Israel USA Tour - Jan 2006

Press Release - National Constitution Center Event


Israelis - Make a statement for peace - Vote for Mother Earth -  Jewish Arab song to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest

Photos-PCI-CCRR in Rotterdam

Invitation to Marathon in Ein Hachoresh  

Press release: June Double Header

Announcement: 2006  Principals' workshop in Megiddo

18th Season Playbill

“Du Drama”

Benefit Concert Feb 2007

Peace Child in Germany

Dialogue in War

Groups for 2006


Press Release- Six Characters Searching for a Plot" Professional Theatre Production: Six actors in search of a Plot  

New York Times Reviews Six Actors in Search of a Plot    Jerusalem Post Review of Six Actors

Co Production with Temple University

Press Release

PCI Staff Goes Center Stage

Photos of Rehearsals

 "אמא אדמה"בביצוע שלמה גרוניך ולובנה סלאמה בקדם אירוויזיון

 New Israel Fund USA Web Site  New Israel Fund - Israel Web Site

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