Toward the Light in Tel Aviv and Hamei Gaash Happening

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“Toward the Light in Tel Aviv” and “Adamei” Debut

 At the New Cameri Theatre  June 10, 2005

Since the spring of 1999, Peace Child Israel has tried to give the Arab and Jewish teenagers who participate in the program an opportunity twice  a year, and to see that they are not alone.  In December they gather to learn all about the workings of professional theatre.  At the end of the year, they meet again to share their months of experiences and to perform excerpts of their original shows.  This year, Peace Child Israel is thrilled to putting on the event with the cooperation of the New Cameri Theatre, for the first time.

 11:30 – Mini Marathon

Teens from around the country including east and west Jerusalem, Petach Tikvah, Kfar Kassem, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Qalansua, Emek Hefer, Nahariya, Matte Asher, Sakhnin and Misgav, will convene at the Cameri Theatre for a mini-marathon of theatre pieces on Friday, June 10, 2005  at 11:30.   At 12:30 the audience will then be invited to share a light lunch and “meet the actors”. 

 14:00 – “Adamei”  (debut)

The artistic portion of the day concludes with the premiere performance of a new Arab and Jewish musical ensemble, “Adamei”  which will be joined by the Arab-Jewish Community Center’s children’s choir “Voices of Peace”.

 “Adamei”  is the outcome of a 5-year process that began when Lubna Salame and Shlomo Gronich met for the first time when they recorded Peace Child Israel anthem  “We Brought Peace Upon Us” for CD and video clip as a call for cessation of the violence at the beginning of the intifada.  Mr. Gronich and Ms. Salame have cooperated on numerous musical projects since then, but have committed to establishing a new group of their own. “Adamei”  an acronym for the Hebrew words “Mankind”, “Land”, “Blood” and “Water” reflects the elements that are common to Arabs and Jews, both connecting and dividing. 

“Adamei”   Ensemble

Emad Dallal (oud) Albert Piamenta (winds) Ilan Katchka and Gadi Seri (percussion) Yorai Oron (bass) and Guy Vaingarten (synthesizer)  join Shlomo & Lubna in standing up to be counted on the long road from darkness toward the light.  A new arrangement of Mr. Gronich’s “Shalom L’Cha Shalom” will be premiered in memory of the late Ehud Manor, who volunteered his talent and his spirit in taking the words of Peace Child Israel program participants and making magic out of them for the anthem in January 2000.



Shlomo Gronich and Lubna Salame


  “Hamei Gaash Happening” – 16:00-19:00

The Peace Child teens will enjoy some rest and relaxation by the pool after a year “well done”. They’ll finish off their day, and their year of activity, with a splash!

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