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Playbill 18th Season - 2005-2006

Opening Nights

Six Actors in Search of a Plot

New Years Eve

Kibbutz Ein HaHaoresh Theatre

Performed by actors on staff at Peace Child Israel

(Salted for U.S. Tour, Autumn 2006)

On the Other Side

January 18, 2006 – 13:00

Washington Township High School, New Jersey

(8 performances during USA Tour)


March 20, 2005 – 20:00

At the Megiddo Regional council theatre

Megiddo regional School & Mus-Mus Junior High School

Beyond the Other Side

May 4, 2006 – 16: 00

At the Ein Hakhoresh theatre

Mayan-Shachar Educational Campus Emek Hefer & Ibn Sina School Qalansua

It’s My Home

APRIL 8, 2006 – 20:30

At the Alon School Eshkol pais theatre

Nazareth Ilit Community Centers

Fireworks Camp

May 10, 2006 – 20:30 - Mevot iron High School

May 11, 2006 – 17:00 At the Eshkol Pais Um El-Fachem

Mevot Iron 6-Year School & Razi Junior High School Um El-Fachem

Blood Brothers – Our Story

May 14, 2005 – 19:00

Echad Ha’Am High School , Petach Tikvah

Kfar Kassem Regional Community Center & Echad Ha’Am High School, Petach Tikvah

The Lost Kingdom

May 21, 2006 - 09:30

Jerusalem International YMCA – King David 26

Issawiye Girls’ & Boys Schools and Ziv Marks High School

Friends, Fate and Junk-food

May 23, 2006 - 19:00

Amal High School Eshkol Paiss (Nahariya)

Sheikh Dinun Makeef Shalom and Nahariya Amal 6-year School

Four of these groups continued performing their shows in repertoire for school audiences:


 Peace Child Activity in 2004-2005


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