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Sachnin-Misgav Performance of Pocahontas

From the Israeli Arab press

A joint performance of Pocahontas by the Sakhnin "Two Solutions" prep and the Misgav School was staged on the last day of the second semester, as part of the activities of Peace Child Israel.

The theatrical presentation attended by teachers students and parent representatives of the two schools won the admiration of all those who attended the play, which reflects the coexistence and brotherhood between the two peoples.
 Sakhnin-Misqav Performance writeup (Arabic, With many photos)

West Side Story

West Side Story

Habima National Theater

The Best of Peace Child Israel Du-Drama Festival 2010

Youth Present: How to make Peace

Yediot Ahronot, Israel's largest newspaper, provides a video and transcript of Peace Child Israel and the new play Pocahontas, John and us, Youth Present: This is how to make peace.

Change of Heart

Jerusalem Post reports the story of Peace Child Israel and Melisse Boskovich:

In practice it means that as a facilitator (as well as director of the project) Boskovich sits in a room with 30 Arab and Jewish teenagers and gets them to talk about their prejudices, fears and hopes before they can even think of putting on a play together. She’s been doing it for 12 years now and there have been many times when she faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles – but she perseveres, knowing that, in the long run, changing socially learned stereotypes is a worthwhile goal. Read More at Change of Heart


Peace Child Israel Unites Jewish and Arab Israelis

San Diego Jewish Journal's Pat Launer reports about Peace Child Israel:

"There's no shortage of drama in Israel - often of the divisive or even the deadly kind. But one innovative program is deliberately creating drama - of the theatrical sort -- to unite and excite young Israeli Arabs and Jews. Read more at Youth for Peace.

Peace Child Israel Reunion

She began her way in Kahane’s "Kach" movement [Jewish Defense League], as a wild young woman who majored in provocations. But the birth of her daughter changed her life perspective entirely. During the past 10 years, Melisse Lewine-Boskovich (55) is the director of Peace Child Israel, which tries to arrange meetings between Arab and Jewish children in theatre workshops. But meanwhile, she admits, the dialogue between the two groups is deteriorating. Read more at From Right to Left.

Peace Child Israel: The play's the thing -  Jerusalem Post

"What we teach is that it's not what you say but how you say it. Anything can be said if it's done respectfully." Melisse Lewine-Boskovich is talking about the work of the organization she directs - Peace Child Israel (PCI), now marking its 20th anniversary of repair work...  Continued at The play's the thing

Peace Child Israel Reunion

On June 26, 2008, Peace Child Israel held a gala 20th anniversary reunion in Jerusalem, with appearances by officials, performances by supporters and alumni, and presentation of plays by our student members.

Reunion Press page  Reunion main page


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