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January 7, 2009

Expectations are enormous for one version of justice.

Being an organization committed to tolerance in a situation where tribal allegiances are the focal point is Peace Child Israel’s challenge, along with all its partners.  The dynamics of dialogue - going on at all levels - is being tested. 

Expectations are enormous for one version of justice. 

Yesterday I called  Ronit Haimov, school principal of the Eilon School in Holon.  She answered her mobile phone impatiently, claiming the only reason she kept it on was because her son is in Gaza,  Two hours later, we learned that the son of Mira Yuval, principal of the Carmel Zvulun School in Yagur was injured in the fighting.   These are some examples of the complexities that Peace Child Israel is facing.  Both these women are committed to justice in this region.  At the same time, staff members and some of the teens are demonstrating  - in legal demonstrations as they have every right to do – against the war. 

Expectations are enormous for one version of justice. 

As the furious violence continues, our work goes on.  The teenagers are feeling the burden of the weight on their shoulders.  It wasn’t easy for Arabs and Jews to sit in the same room last month.  This month it is almost unthinkable.  But it is happening.

 Expectations are enormous for one version of justice.

Wishing that the end will come, that justice will prevail in some agreed upon version so that all may get on with the business of living.  The business of repair that will keep us in business for all too very long.

Melisse Lewine-Boskovich

Peace Child Israel 


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