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Multimedia Presentations

Staging Peace

Peace Child Israel Video Library

 U.S. Embassy Clip: "West Side Story"<

Habima National Theatre Hosts Peace Child Israel

ONCE UPON A TIME - In the Beginning - Peace Child Retrospective

The Peace Child Israel Anthem: "We Brought Peace Upon Us"

Backstage: Pocohontas, John & Us

Stars Salute Peace Child Israel (1)

Stars Salute Peace Child Israel (2)

Peace Child Israel: Heroes: 1,000 PCI Stars

ONCE UPON A TIME - In the Beginning - Peace Child Retrospective (English, Hebrew, Arabic)

TROUBLE: Pink & Peace Child, news item on Guy Pines TV show  (Hebrew with English subtitles)

Peace Child Israel 20th Anniversary Reunion & Marathon

THEATER IN CONFLICT ZONE - Making of Peace Child

PROFILE: BBC covers Peace Child Israel program in Jerusalem  

BBC Feature Article about Peace Child Israel

IBM Israel Launches Coexistence Website: Peace Child Israel joins

PCI Anthem on Taverna

PCI Anthem on Childrens' Channel (November 2000)

Surrealism on stage in Um el-Fahem (6 Actors - Arabic Language)


Six Actors in Search of Plot Film Library

Six Actors in Search of a Plot

A New Play

Written and Compiled by Mohammad el-Thaher and Billy Yalowitz

Director and Choreographer: Billy Yalowitz

 “…As Jacob faces this, Esau, the stuck twin, is finally able to move freely.  As Esau moves freely, Jacob’s broken heart is healed. Can there be two birthrights, one for each brother? …”

In its 18th year of activity, the Year of Life, Peace Child Israel produced its first professional play, about birth, life and the ramifications of history. Jewish and Arab actors from the staff and close circle of theatre colleagues, presented the first run of the new bilingual play SIX ACTORS IN SEARCH OF PLOT.  Here are two news items:

Surrealism on stage in Um el-Fahem  (SIX ACTORS- Arabic language)

BIRTH CANAL: New play: "Six Actors in Search of a Plot" explores symbiotic Arab-Jewish conflict  (SIX ACTORS - Hebrew language)

ADAMAI Ensemble Library

"ADAM" (mankind), "DAM" (Blood), "ADAMA" (land),  "MAYIM" (water).  In Arabic and Hebrew they are nearly the same:  "ADAMAI".  That which both connects and separates human beings.

Shlomo Gronich and Lubna Salame met for the first time when they recorded the Peace Child Israel anthem "We Brought Peace Upon Us" in the VOLUNTEERS for PEACE initiative in November 2000, at the beginning of the Second Intifada.  ADAMAI Ensemble made its debut performance which for the Peace Child year-end event on June 10, 2005 at the New Cameri Theatre.  They are, in a way, our "ambassadors". 

Group Dilemma : Radioactive Material 

TOO ABSURD - English

TOO ABSURD - Hebrew/Arabic

Israel Channel 10 - Adamai Ensemble on tour

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