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Groups 18th Season - 2005-2006

2005-2006 Peace Child Israel Groups

During its 18th“Year of Life”, Peace Child Israel will reach a record number of youth groups and record activity levels.  Du-Drama (2 year leadership program ) and the tried and true one year program, will be implemented in the following pairs of communities:

 East and West Jerusalem (one year)

Petach Tikvah and Kfar Kassem (one year)

Tel Aviv-Jaffa (2nd year of Du-Drama, including U.S. Tour in January)

Qalansua and Emek Hefer (2-year leadership program)

Mus-Mus and Megiddo (2-year leadership program)

Um el-Fahem and Mevot Iron at Givat Haviva (2-year leadership program)

Nazareth Ilit (Arab and Jewish community centers, one year)

Haifa (Young Women at Risk program of Welfare Department, one year)

Nahariya and Sheikh Dinun (one year)

Nahariya and Sheikh Dinun (2nd year of Du-Drama)

Sakhnin and Misgav (2-year leadership program)

Performances in 2006

Peace Child Activity in 2004-2005


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