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Peace Child Israel has set an objective of establishing "North American Friends of Peace Child Israel" and "European Friends Peace Child Israel" by 2013, when it reaches its 25th anniversary.

 The first step in this effort will be a visit to Europe and to the U.S. by the organization's director, Ms. Melisse Lewine-Boskovich. 



Mid-May       Amsterdam & Berlin (thus far)

October       East & West Coast


All interested individuals, communities and Federations interested in arranging a presentation about Peace Child Israel, and exploring the possibility of "adopting Du-Drama",  are urged to contact us at

 The introductory event will include a film screening, a Power Point presentation and a discussion about shared society in Israel and how Peace Child Israel tries to improve it.

 To get better acquainted with the organization, please view the following video clip: .


Thank you.


Peace Child Israel: Making Conflict Resolution and Dialogue Work in the Middle East

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