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 Peace Child Israel Activities 2004-2005

Pairing Communities Where Peace Child Israel implemented its curriculum during 2004-2005 academic year

 East & West Jerusalem in partnership with YMCA

Tel Aviv & Jaffa (Makeef Yud-Bet and Ad. Gordon Schools)

Kfar Kassem and Petach Ttikvah  (Achad Ha’Am High School and Matnass Kfar Kassem

Jaffa Democrats (Arab and Jewish democratic schools from Jaffa)

Emek Hefer & Qalansua (Ma’ayan-Shachar Educational Camput & Qalansua High School)

Nahariya and Matter Asher (Amal Nahariya 6-year school and Sheikh Dinun and Sulam Zur Schools in Matte Asher

Sakhnin and Misgav Grads  (2 performances for students)

Two Year Program-Youth Performance and Exchange

In 2004, we established a formal 2-year program that includes an increased number of performances of the bi-lingual original plays of the teenagers and order to more comprehensively contribute to attitudinal changes by means. In the second year of activity, a cultural exchange with teenagers from foreign countries is implemented when possible.  The first delegation (adults and teens from Misgav and Sakhnin) traveled to San Francisco Bay area in September 2005 and the teenagers from Tel Aviv and Jaffa, who are continuing for their second year of activity by performing in schools, will travel to the U.S. in January 2006.

 Extended Outreach to Adult Community

Utilizing the skills of the theatre professionals on staff, Peace Child Israel is about to premiere a new play by Palestinian playwright and director, Mohammad Thaher.  The bilingual play, “Six Characters in Search of a Plot”, is a fully professional artistic production that is designed to be significantly mobile as in to serve the objective of performing in the communities where Peace Child implements its youth program.  Rehearsals began in August 2005 and premiere performance is scheduled for Um el-Fachem in January 2006.  After each performance, a discussion will held between the actors and audience, ending with an invitation to form the beginning of an on-going dialogue group among the adults in the neighboring communities, with a commitment to at least 4 performances.  The production, however, is under consideration for the Acre Alternative Theatre Festival and will be submitted for consideration in other festivals in Israel and elsewhere. Directed by American director/choreographer of Temple University Community Theatre Program, Dr. William Yalowitz, the production is slated to tour the U.S. in 2006-2007 season.


Press release for Toward the Light and Adamei Debut -2005

 Peace Child Israel Activity 2001-2004

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