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  8th grade students from Sakhnin & Misgav on stage as the English and the Indians.
  TThe best of "POCAHONTAS, JOHN & Us"


Opening Night -
 Mar 28, 2011 - Jaffa
Pre-Show -Best of PCI 2011- May 19 The Best of the Little Prince 2011( Tira-Petach Tiqva)

West Side Story Opening Night


Teambuiding in Pekiin en masse

  Strategy Meeting Tira Municpality Jan. 2011

Strategic Decision Making 24.1,11

Team building - Mirrors - 1/11

Team building - Masks - 1/11 

Team building - flipping the sheet - 1/11

Birthday and tears-Jan 2011

Current Events Collage-teambuiding in Pekiin

 Democracy and Contract Team Buildng 1/11

Gala - Don Quixote - Evening show

Don Quixote Morning Show

Team Building Seminar In Pekiin. Jan., 2011I - Act 1 Scene 1 

“Don Quixote” performance in Kfar Kara, November 2010

“Le Petit Prince”, 1st reading, Tira December 2010

 Ramadan dinner, Jaffa – August 2010 (“Don Quixote”)


Christmas in Jaffa - 29.12.10 field-trip

“West Side Story” group, Jaffa, 24.11.10

  Tira – Petach Tikva Bi-national Meeting 29.11.10


Acting Lesson in Sakhnin - December 2010

Tel Aviv Uni-national Session - 10.11.10

Jaffa Uni-national - 10.11.10


School Principals Meeting, Tira – Petach Tikva , October 2010

School Principals Meeting, Sakhnin, 13.12.2010

School Principals meetings, Tel Aviv – Yafo, May and September 2010


Parents Meeting in Petach Tikvah –November 2010

Parents Meeting, Tel Aviv – Yafo 29.12.10

Preparation for Teachers Course November 2010, Petach Tikvah

Opening Session, Strategic Planning, at Tel Aviv University, 26.11.10

Strategic Planning Session II 22.12.10

Parents Meeting in Misgav –December 2010


Staff Training at Bet Oren – July 2010

Don Quixote Premier October 5

Don Quixote Rehearsal



Don Quixote on the road - October 29,2010




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Peace Child Israel is the pioneer and veteran of coexistence programs through the medium of theatre for Arab and Jewish teenagers. In 1988, the late Habima Theatre actress Yael Drouyanoff formed an NGO with members of the Arab and Jewish community, with the help of David Gordon, co-founder of Peace Child International. Teenagers from neighboring communities meet weekly and conclude their first year of activity by writing and performing original plays in Arabic and Hebrew. They continue as young leaders by performing their plays for school audiences. Groups are co-facilitated by Arab and Jewish professionals from the field of theatre and social work. The PCI Board of Directors is comprised of Arab and Jewish individuals from the field of social work, education, communication and finances. Peace Child Israel is a registered “amuta” and receives “correct management” status annually. Since inception, Peace Child has grown from one workshop in Jaffa to a nation-wide organization.

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Peace Child Israel: Making Conflict Resolution and Dialogue Work in the Middle East

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