Teaching Israeli Jewish and Arab Youth to live in partnership

Peace Child Israel was co-founded in 1988 by David Gordon and Yael Drouyannoff  to teach coexistence using theater and the arts. We educate for democratic values, tolerance and mutual respect. Arab and Jewish teens work with counterparts from around the country to create original dramas about coexistence. The plays, in Arabic and Hebrew, are performed for family, friends and the public at-large.  Mission  

Our Goals

Our goals:  education for democracy, pluralism and tolerance in Israel 

Through the medium of theatre and the arts, we teach compassionate listening, critical thinking and non-violent communication. Workshop participants get experience in dialogue and conflict resolution. They address issues of identity, stereotypes, mutual respect, equality in a democratic society, as well as cultural similarities and differences.  Role playing, reverse role-playing, collage, movement and improvisation are among the numerous tools used to facilitate learning by doing. 

Habima affirms cooperation with PCI

Peace Child Israel  has a working relationship with Habima, the Israeli national theater - see: Habima National Theater affirms cooperation with PCI and Video:Habima National Theatre Hosts PCI

Artistic Advisory Board

In 2008, Peace Child Israel created an Honorary Artistic Advisory board, including prominent Israeli entertainers and artists. Click for details of Artistic Advisory Board.


The song "We Brought Peace Upon Us", which once "belonged" to Peace Child Israel exclusively, as its anthem, was given a new arrangement, at the initiative of its composer, Shlomo Gronich and presented at as a gift to a country in severe pain in the autumn of 2000.

In 2005, we are celebrating  the Fifth anniversary of the song and the Volunteers for Peace Group that created it. We are proud to present the history of the group, and a video of 5 Years - Peace Child Song.

Volunteers for Peace

Ode to Volunteers for Peace

Song: Words and Music

Based on Arabic and Hebrew texts written by the teenagers from the Peace Child Israel millennium year workshops, the song "We have brought peace upon ourselves" was composed in February 2000 by Shlomo Gronich, in consultation with Mikhail Marun, oud. Israel Prize winner Ehud Manor and Mr. Magid Abu Rokun transformed the text into lyrics for the anthem which was first performed with all the "graduating" teenagers of the 1999-2000 workshops on July 2, 2000.

Song: words and music- click here


Donations may be made payable to Peace Child Israel and sent by mail to:  PO Box 57431, Tel Aviv, 61573 Israel or via the New Israel Fund.

In North America, contributions to Peace Child Israel can also be made via the
 P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.

Peace Child Israel

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