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Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI)

PACBI - Resources Page


This page includes the entire content of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel organization. This group masquerades as a humanitarian group seeking redress of human rights violations. They appear and argue their case against Israeli "racism" and "apartheid" at union meetings, church groups and university gatherings. It is unclear who funds this group.

Their  Web site is not visible currently in USA or Europe. There, they have placed "resources" that reveal that they are not a peace or human rights group at all. Rather, their aim is destruction of Israel. They caution Palestinian groups not to have anything to do with any cooperative projects or dialogue groups that are just intended for improving relations between peoples, and to shun groups that are not intent on destruction of Israel, euphemized as helping to "solve the Palestinian problem in the broadest sense." Their three resource pages  are in Arabic. The main page, that is in English, only hints at the nature of their "Program.

Details of their program, in English, are given in a flowchart translated from their Web site, here: A program for wrecking Israeli-Palestinian Dialog.

If you are approached by the The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, ask them what their program is for Middle East Peace. Ask them if they support a national state for the Arabs of Palestine and a national state for the Jews as well.

If you are an Israeli group, approached by a Palestinian group that seeks cooperation, make certain that they are not following the "guidelines" of the  Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.

Below is the entire content of their main page, in case you cannot see it


Criteria for Joint Palestinian-Israeli Projects

PACBI has developed a straightforward and easy to use tool for Palestinian Organizations and Individuals living and working in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The purpose of the tool is to evaluate whether to boycott a joint Palestinian– Israeli project or not. The Criteria for Joint Projects is available in Arabic only and can be used to evaluate projects to be implemented in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and/or internationally.

Brochure for Women Activists

During the first Intifadah many efforts and initiatives were put in place to bridge the gap between Palestinian and Israeli feminists. Several encounters, conference and joint activities were promoted to enable women to meet and learn more about the other, under the assumption that both sides are critical of the "nationalism" as a manifestation of male chauvinism", and that they are therefore able to connect beyond the boundaries set by male authority in both societies. Members of the campaign who have been part of that experience during the late eighties and early nineties have prepared a brochure that explores the lessons learned and constraints of such an approach to joint work between Palestinian and Israeli women.

Brochure for Youth

Many youth are approached on a regular basis by various “peace” organizations to take part in joint activities with Israeli youth, that are very appealing to young Palestinians who have very little opportunities to travel. Most are unable to anticipate the compromises required of them as a result of their participation.

In order to raise the awareness of young men and women regarding joint projects such as summer camps, and peace conferences, the Campaign has also developed a Brochure in Arabic targeting Palestinian high-school and university students.




The above is from the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, resources page:

http://www.pacbi.org/campaign_resources.htm - this page may not be visible in your country. It is visible in the Middle East. The "lessons learned" and "constraints" are detailed in a chart that warns the groups not to engage in any project that promotes dialogue or that is not about destroying Israel:

A program for wrecking Israeli-Palestinian Dialog

This page shows a screen capture of the main resources page: PACBI - Resources Page Image

This page is a translation of their brochure for youth, which warns that Seeds of Peace is a dangerous organization, and characterizes those who lead dialogue as traitors who take crumbs from the Americans and Europeans: PACBI - Youth Brochure

This page is the entire Arabic PDF file with the Boycott Criteria: PACBI - Criteria for boycott


Ami Isseroff

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