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 May 5, 2002

Nothing Happened!

Dr. Mohamed Mosaad

An astronaut was on a trip to Mars for the last few months. Coming back home, he rushed to the newspapers to find out what had happened in the Middle East while he was abroad.  He read that the US is trying to intervene diplomatically to solve the "crisis" while clearly backing Israel. The European Union is sympathizing with the Palestinians and urging the US to do something. The UN and its security council are trying desperately to issue a resolution, but Kofi Annan is angry and has terrible headache. Peace now is planning for a "new" demonstration. Arab rulers are calling for peace in English while their media incite their peoples and spread anti-Semitism.

Sharon will never step back one centimeter; he said new settlements will be built. Arafat is not moving one millimeter either; he spreads smiles and makes a victory sign with his right hand. The Hamas is threatening Israel with a "new" wave of suicide operations. Pro-Israel media say Arafat is responsible for terrorism. Pro-Palestinian media say Arafat can't control his people, especially after the Israeli destruction of his security forces. The IDF is crushing Palestinian villages, demolishing homes and uprooting trees to destroy the infrastructure of terrorism. Iraq is ready for the upcoming US strike, but the US is still studying everything and Arab leaders say it will be a big catastrophe. The Palestinian State is coming very soon. The Israeli State will never abandon one square meter.

The astronaut threw the newspapers away. While yawning and putting on his pajamas he said, "so nothing happened!"  

Of course there are some hundreds here and there who were killed, some homes were demolished by Israeli bulldozers, some shops were exploded by suicide bombers and some children with Arabic and Hebrew names no longer exist, but nothing happened.

Mohamed Mosaad

Cairo, Egypt.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

Dr Mosaad is an Egyptian psychiatrist, sociologist, peace activist and coordinator of the Abrahamic Forum an International Interfaith  dialog. He may be reached at

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