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Detailed Map of Palestine Showing Armistice Lines of Israel and Jordan - 1949

Signed by Moshe Dayan and Ahmed Sudki El-Jundi

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The map below is a section of a map prepared in 1944 by the British Palestine Survey. It was updated in 1946, and was apparently used by the armistice negotiators in 1949 to provide the basis of the Israeli-Jordanian border as it was until 1967. This copy of the map has heavy dark lines drawn along what became the Jordanian - Israeli border, and it is signed by Moshe Dayan for Israel and Ahmed Sudki El Jundi for the Kingdom of Transjordan in the upper left corner.

The original map did not show some of the borders apparently. This section shows the northern part of Palestine/Israel. The Israel Lebanon border runs approximately from Ras An Naqura on the Mediterranean (Vertical Coordinate 270, Horizontal 160) north-east to Metulla (V295, H 208). The Israel/Syria border was established east of the Sea of Galilee.

This map shows many small Palestinian towns that were mentioned for various reasons in the history of the 1948 war, but apparently omits some Kibbutzim and Jewish villages that were certainly in existence at the time the map was prepared (1944) such as Kibbutz Dalia, suggesting that that the map was based on older information.  Some places that are shown:

Beisan - Palestinian town that later became Jewish Bethshean.

Eilabun - Palestinian town where inhabitants were massacred after IDF soldiers found the severed heads of Israeli troops.

Ein Gev - Stopped a Syrian armored column in 1948

Iqrit and Birim - Arab villages near the Lebanese border whose inhabitants were asked to temporarily vacate their land - and never returned.

Kibbutz Mishmar Ha'emeq, where Fawzi El Kaukji was stopped in April 1948.

Safed - Large town with mixed Jewish and Arab populations. The Jewish community of Safed is hundreds of years old, and was re-established several times after being destroyed by pogroms. When the Hagannah entered Safed, they discovered that all the Arab inhabitants had fled in the night.


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