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MidEast Web is the web site of a group dedicated to furthering peace education and dialog in the Middle East.

We want you to make Mid-East Web your number one source for finding out about the Middle East and your starting point on the Web. So we have begun building   a frames environment that allows you to explore every Middle East news, peace, travel, dialog, culture, maps, information and organizational resource on the web - whether you are interested in language, religion, music politics or travel or just having fun. There are pages that teach you Arabic, Hebrew, and other Middle East languages. There are newspapers, recipes, music, belly dancing and academic centers. There are government run web sites, pages run by organizations and personal pages.

Arabic and Hebrew Search Engines

There are Arabic and Hebrew search engines as well as English ones. We have one of the largest collection of search engines on the web!)

Link Pages

There are pages of links to other Middle East Web sites too.

The list includes just about anything we could think of. But of course, we could not think of everything! We have gathered these links from a variety of sources - but we cannot visit every page, every day, so we need to rely on your feedback for ranking them and for reporting broken links. If you have other suggestions for links, please let us know. If you find broken links here, please let us know.

All of these are in addition to the considerable Middle East resources offered by MidEast Web itself.

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Useful links for non-frames browsers:

Middle East News Arabic Israeli and General News

Search Engines

Middle East Dialog Groups

Middle East Peace Education

Middle East Culture Sites

Go-Leb! - Lebanese Website Directory and Seach Engine

Jewish and Israeli Links at PeaceWatch

Zionist Links at Zionism and Israel Information Center

Middle East Education Links at PeaceWatch

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