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Reading about events in the Middle East in a mass circulation journal is like reading the classic comics version of a great book. Hearing about the same events in pro-Arab or pro-Israel media is like listening to stereophonic music with one headphone - you get only one half the message.

The MidEast Web MEWNews news service presents up to date news and background about the Middle East from a variety of sources. Getting the whole story gives you perspective and balance, so you can form your own opinion. MidEast Web does not endorse any political party and is not connected with any political organization or any government agency in any country. We are interested in finding out what happened and telling you about it - not in pinning the blame on someone. You can sample Mewnews contents here.

MidEastWeb also provides a separate service that gathers editorials and analysis. You can sample the contents here.

In a day, you might get an article about events in Iraq or Iran, an article about Israeli actions against Palestinians, a news item about Palestinian actions against Israelis, articles from a Jordanian, Israeli and Egyptian newspapers, the source of an official document, an IDF press release or an Al-Haq (Palestinian Law Society) press release or a Web site we think you should know about. All presented without editorializing. 


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Editors: Diane Balay, Adel Darwish, Paul Fays, Leonard Grossman, Joseph Hochstein,  Ami Isseroff,  Mohamed Mosaad, Samir Suwellam.and others.

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Aren't there enough Middle East News Lists?
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Aren't there enough Middle East News Lists?

There are many print and electronic Middle East News sources. Most of them, especially the free ones, are published by governments and political partisans, and necessarily present a particular viewpoint. With the best of intentions, it would be naive to expect that a news service provided by the Palestinian Right of Return organization, the Israeli Government or a Zionist group that supports the settlers will provide an accurate and balanced picture of what is happening. Large circulation newspapers and magazines often give you the main story - but not necessarily the whole story.

How come mail from mewnews stopped?

You may have gotten a "hard bounce" because the yahoogroups server could not talk to your server. If that happens, let us know.

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To unsubscribe, send mail to .  for the News list or for the opinion and background list.

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Yes. After you subscribe, send mail to   or for the opinion and background list.

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No, you do not. If you are going away temporarily, send the "nomail" command. For example, for the news list, send For the background list use "mewbkd" instead of "mewnews".

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To change your e-mail address, you must send the unsubscribe command from the old address before it is disconnected, and send the subscribe command from the new address.

If I have technical questions, or comments that I want to send only to the moderator, where can I send them?

Send questions and off-list comments to the listowner (editors of MewNews): Please note that we only send on news items that appear in journals or are originated by news agencies and groups. Those items do not reflect our opinions.

Where can I view previous articles?

Click here:  http://www.mideastweb.org/mewnews1.htm


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