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Middle East History

Master Reference for Middle East History, Sources and Specialty Maps

This page lists all MidEastWeb Middle East reference pages by topic.

General Reference

In a nutshell: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
IRAQ Timeline
Government of Iraq 2006 - Who's who
Israel-Palestine Timeline
Early History of Canaan/Israel/Palestine in Maps - Sketches early history from before the time of the Hebrews to 1914, showing maps of Canaan/Palestine/Israel at key stages. 

Understanding the Middle East I - Finding the Truth
Understanding the Middle East II - Words about Words

Historical and General Essays about Palestine and Israel

British support for restoration of the Jews

Must Palestinian Nationalism And Zionism Change For A Lasting Middle East Peace?

Palestinian culture and identity and the role of the Palestinian women
Palestinian Parties
Peace Plans-An Overview
Population of Palestine before 1948
President Harry S. Truman and US Support for Creation of Israel

The Evolution of the Conflict from Arab-Israeli to Palestinian-Israeli to ??
The Lavon Affair - Israel and Terror in Egypt
The Hamas

The Growth of Palestinian Identity
The Palestinian Refugees
The Refugee Problem - a personal view
Why the Oslo Process Failed
Water Issues
Zionism - Definition and Early History



Biography - Mahmoud Abbas (Abu-Mazen)
Biography - Yasser Arafat
Biography - Hassan Nassrallah
Biography - Shimon Peres
Biography - Ahmed Qurei (Abu-Ala)
Biography - Yitzhak Rabin
Biography - Ariel Sharon

Greater Middle East

A Brief History of Arabia

A Brief History of Egypt  - A capsule history of Egypt since earliest times.

Suez Canal - History

A Brief History of modern Iran - From the Qajars to present day.
A concise history of Islam and the Arabs

Inside Al-Qaeda
IRAQ History and Resources

Iraq- Source Documents

IRAQ Timeline


Israel-Palestine Documents by Year

2006: UN Security Council Resolution 1680 -

2005: Sasson report on Illegal outposts .

2004: UN Security Council Resolution 1566 (terrorism)  -

2004: UN Security Council Resolution 1559 (Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon)

2004: Ariel Sharon's Disengagement Plan

2003: UN Security Council Resolution 1515

2003: UN GA Resolution Condemning the Israeli Security Barrier ("Wall")

2003: Draft Final Status Agreement (Geneva Accord (Beilin-Abd Rabbo Document)

2003: Updated Middle East Peace Roadmap

2003: Inaugural Speech of Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas -

2003: Draft Palestinian Constitution -

Comments on the constitution by Dr. Sami Aldeeb, a Palestinian legal expert, are given here.

2002: Jerusalem: Foreign Relations Authorization Act

2002: President Bush's Draft Road Map for a Palestinian- Israeli Settlement

2002: Quartet Road Map Statement - Sept. 17  

2002: Announcement of the Quartet - July 16 

2002: President George Bush Jr: Speech on the Palestine-Israel Conflict ,

2002: President Bush: Colin Powell to Travel to the Middle East
2002: PNA Basic Law -

2002: UN Security Council Resolution 1405 (Jenin)

2002: UN Security Council Resolution 1403 (Jenin) 

2002: UN Security Council Resolution 1402 (Jenin) 

2002: UN Security Council Resolution 1397 - (Palestinian State)

2002: Arab Peace Initiative (Saudi Peace Plan).

2001: Who is Osama Bin Ladin? - Fatwas of Bin Laden.

2001: Tenet Plan.

2001: The Mitchell Report

2001: Thirteenth Arab League summit in Beirut

2001: UN Report on Human Rights in the Occupied Territories

2001: The Jordanian-Egyptian Peace Proposals.

2001: The Moratinos Non-Paper

2001: The Palestinian and Israel Proposals at Taba regarding the Refugee Problem

2000: The Clinton Bridging Proposals

2000: Communique of the Extraordinary Arab League Summit October 22, 2002,

2000: The Sharm-El Sheikh Conference remarks of Ehud Barak

2000: The Sharm-El Sheikh Conference remarks of President Clinton

2000: The Israeli Camp David II Summit Proposals

2000: Camp David Summit Statement

1999: Opening of Final Status Negotiations -

1998: US Letters of Assurance Regarding Wye Memorandum Issues

1998: Wye River Memorandum

1998: Letter of Assurance from PNA Chairman Yasser Arafat

1996: "Grapes of Wrath" understanding regarding Lebanon -

1995- Last Speech of Yitzhak Rabin

1995: Jerusalem Embassy Act

1995: The Oslo Interim Agreement

1995: The Beilin Abu-Mazen Draft Agreement

1994: Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty

1993: The Oslo Declaration of Principles

1993: Exchange of Letters between Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat

1991: Syrian-Lebanese Cooperation Agreement

1989- The Taif Accords

1989: Israeli Peace Proposal

1988: Speech by PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat, Recognizing Resolution 242

1988: Palestinian Declaration of Independence

1988: The Hamas Charter

1983: Draft Israeli-Lebanese Treaty

1982: Kahan Commission Report

1979: Peace Treaty Between Israel and Egypt

1978: The Camp David Framework Agreements

1978: UN Security Council Resolution 425 -(Operation Litani).

1975: Harold H. Saunders Testimony before a House Subcommittee: " In many ways, the Palestinian dimension ,, is the heart of that conflict."

1975: UN General Assembly Resolution 3379 - The "Zionism is Racism" resolution, adopted November 10, 1975.

1974 - UN General Assembly Resolutions 3236 and 3237

1974- Yasser Arafat's Speech Before the UN General Assembly

1974 - Palestine National Council Resolution

1973: UN Security Council Resolution 338

1968: Palestinian National Charter

1968 - UN Security Council Resolution 252

1967: UN Security Council Resolution 242

1967: Khartoum Resolutions -

1967: Speech by Gamal Nasser to Arab Trade Unionists

1967: Speech by Gamal Nasser to Egyptian National Assembly Members

1964: Arab Note to the UN in reply to the Israeli Note

1964: Israeli Notes to the UN Following Arab Summit

1964: The second Arab summit conference

1964(?) The Fateh Constitution

1956: UN General Assembly Resolution 997

1951: UN Security Council Resolution 95

1949: UN General Assembly Resolution 303

1949: UN General Assembly Resolution 302

1949: UN General Assembly Resolution 212

1949:Armistice between Israel and Egypt - February 24, 1949  

1949: Armistice between Israel and Lebanon - March 23, 1949  

1949: Armistice  between Israel and Jordan - April 3, 1949

1949: Armistice  between Israel and Syria- June 20, 1949

1948: UN General Assembly Resolution 194

1948: UN Security Council Resolution 62

1948: Arab League Statement

1948: Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel

1948: Haganah Intelligence Report Regarding the Situation in Jerusalem

1948: British Police Report Regarding Arab Evacuation of Haifa

1948: Truman Statement on Trusteeship for Palestine

1948: Plan Dalet (Plan D)

1947: Haifa Refinery Riots

1947: UN Partition Plan for Palestine: General Assembly Resolution 181

1947: Speech of David Ben-Gurion Before the Elected Assembly of the Jewish Community in Palestine

1947: UNSCOP Report -

1947: UN Debate on Establishment of USCOP

1946: Report of the Anglo American Committee of Inquiry

1946: Arab Office Report to the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry

1945: Pact of the Arab League

1945: Letter of Franklin Roosevelt to Ibn Saud

1944: Alexandria Protocol

1942: The Biltmore Program

1939: The British White Paper

1938: Disposition of the Peel and Woodhead reports

1937 - King Saud's Views on Palestine and Partition

1937: The  Peel Commission Report and Partition Plan Maps .

1931: Letter of Ramsay MacDonald to Haim Weizmann Rescinding the Passfield White Paper

1930: The Passfield White Paper

1930: The Hope-Simpson Report

1923: Vladimir Jabotinsky: The Iron Wall

1922: The British Mandate for Palestine

1922: The Churchill ("Command") White Paper

1922: Correspondence related to the Churchill White Paper of 1922

1919: League of Nations Covenant Mandate Provision -

1919: The King-Crane Commission Report

1919: Statement of the Zionist Organization to the Paris Peace Conference

1919- Report of the Intelligence section of the American Delegation to the Paris Peace Conference

1919: Feisal-Weizmann Agreement

1917: Balfour Declaration

1916: Sykes-Picot Agreement

1915: Husayn-McMahon Correspondence

1897: Program of the First Zionist Congress

1897: Max Nordau

1896: The Jewish State, by Theodore Herzl

1882: Auto-Emancipation by Leon Pinsker

1799 - Napoleon's Proclamation of a Jewish State

638 - Covenant of Omar


Iraq Sources<

2003: UN SC Resolution 1511 on Iraq

2003: Reports of UNMOVIC and IAEA to the UN

2002: UN Security Council Resolution 1441

1999: UN SC Resolution 1284 (UNMOVIC- Iraq)

1995: UN SC Resolution 996 (oil for food)

1991: UN SC Resolution 687 (UNSCOM)

1990: UN SC Resolution 661 Called for a blockade of trade with Iraq, until it withdrew from Kuwait.

1990: UN SC Resolution 660 (Iraq Invades Kuwait)

1975: Algiers Accord - The Algiers accord regulated the border dispute between Iran and Iraq in the Shatt-el-Arab waterway. I


External Sources

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The Internet Sourcebook of Islamic History

Medieval Middle East at Cornell  
World Civilizations: Islam

Islam at Friesian.com

Online Book - Life of Muhamed by Mohamed Haykal

Biography of Muhamed

Millenium Biography of Muhamed

Muhammad Abduh



Wikipedia article about Zionism

Zionism - Table of contents at the Jewish Virtual Library

Zionism article at Infoplease

Zionist Precursors - US Library of Congress

Political Zionism - US Library of Congress

Cultural Zionism - US Library of Congress

Labor Zionism - US Library of Congress

Revisionist Zionism - US Library of Congress

Jewish Agency Zionism pages

History of Zionism and the creation of Israel

Zionism and Israel on the Web

Zionist and Israeli Biography

Zionism and Israel Information Center

Bibliography of Zionism: Books, articles and online information

Photo Gallery - Zionist and Israeli leaders and History

Definitions of Zionism

Roadmap of Israel


Timeline (Chronology) of Zionist and Israeli History

Historical Source Documents and Texts on Zionism and Israel


Israeli-Palestinian Procon - Balanced examination of Middle East Issues

The Avalon Project - Middle East Documents

Middle East and Peace Process Treaties and Documents at Ariga
UN Security Council Resolutions on the Middle East at the Jewish Virtual Library
Chaim Herzog Center

UN Resolutions on Palestine   
Passia Historical Documents (Photos and Biography)  
Israel Ministry of Information
UC Middle East Books On Line
Fordham University History Sourcebook

Medieval Middle East at Cornell  
Palestinian/Arab Timeline and Political Personalities

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