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Friday, March 28, 2003

Tip of the iceberg?

(My apologies in advance to readers for a post that will be somewhat off-topic. It begins and ends with Iraq, but wanders a bit along the way.)

Was the American decision to go to war in Iraq based on false assumptions? Or were actual falsehoods involved?

Thursday's Washington Post contains an article that seems to herald the outbreak, perhaps soon, of a scandal of grim proportions, the sort of thing capable of destroying a Presidency. [more]

by Editor @ 08:21 AM CST [Link]

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Time for Plan B

A short recap: after a week of war, the Pentagon's plans have come undone. Bombing Baghdad has had no visible effect on Iraq's regime. Saddam is still on the air. (One anonymous official has described "Shock and Awe" as "Air Force bull___." Now he tells us.) There are no great masses of enemy POWs. The rush to Baghdad hasn't caused the foe to quail -- if anything, Iraqi fighters have thrown themselves at our forces with fanatic, even suicidal ferocity. The Republican Guard, having weathered our air attacks under cover of a sandstorm, awaits.

Now what?

by Editor @ 07:26 AM CST [Link]

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Methinks, ctd.

A better link than the CENTCOM page referenced below is the PDF available here.

by Editor @ 07:16 PM CST [Link]

Methinks the lady doth protest too much

Condi Rice's WSJ op-ed today enumerates -- puffs up, one might say -- the contributions of the largely invisible Iraq coalition. It offers an unintended proof of the administration's sensitivity to our actual isolation.

For an instructive comparison, see this U.S. Central Command webpage enumerating the coalition involved in or supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

by Editor @ 05:23 PM CST [Link]

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong for a patriotic American, a red-blooded despiser of Saddam Hussein, a believer in the value of armed force, to think what I do?


by Editor @ 06:38 AM CST [Link]

Sunday, March 23, 2003

War Pages and Headlines we'd like to see

Throughout the duration of the Iraq war, MidEastWeb will post updated news and views at: www.mideastweb.org/iraqwar.htm supplemented by fast loading maps. That page is updated several times a day with stories from around the world.

You are welcome to comment on the news here.

Remember all the stuff the experts and politicians told us? Perhaps its time to make headlines of the fact that most of it was baseless.

Here are some headlines we'd like to see: [more]

by Moderator @ 10:04 PM CST [Link]

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Tony Blair's Speech to Parliament on the Eve of War

On the eve of war with Iraq, British PM Tony Blair summed up the reasons Britain was supporting the US war effort. Though two labor politicians resigned, and though the Britsh public does not favor the war, Parliament voted overwhelmingly to approve the war. The vote was not needed to authorize British support.

Blair's can be summed up as follows: The UN ordered disarmament of Iraq in 1991. Disarmament has not in fact occurred after 12 years, and it is time to enforce the relevant UN resolutions. France, Russia and Germany oppose the war, and France and Russia threatened to veto a security council resolution that would authorize it. [more]

by Moderator @ 04:26 PM CST [Link]

Document - Bush Speech on Iraq - Ultimatum to Saddam

On March 18, 2003, US President Bush explained to the US Public, why, despite considerable international opposition, the US would go to war against Iraq. Bush gave Iraqi President Saddam Hussein 48 hours to resign and leave Iraq, but everyone understood that Saddam would do no such thing. The text of the speech is below. [more]

by Moderator @ 04:21 PM CST [Link]

Monday, March 17, 2003

The Beginning of the End

Tonight, Sunday night, America's President, flanked by three allies, spoke to the world media from a small Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean.

"Tomorrow," he declared, "is the day that will determine whether diplomacy can work." His speechwriters went along for the ride, crafting an address to the nation, which we will perhaps hear as soon as tomorrow night. We should expect the bombs to start falling shortly thereafter, perhaps as early as Tuesday. [more]

by Moderator @ 09:26 AM CST [Link]

Monday, March 10, 2003

Report of Hans Blix on Iraqi Disarmament - March 7, 2003

Following is the summary of the report delivered by UNMOVIC Hans Blix to the UN on March 7, 2003, regarding Iraqi disarmament. The summary shows that some progress has been made, but US is angry that Blix buried information about some alarming weaponry finds in the body of the main document (much longer than this one) and also claims that Iraq is removing the engines of Samoud II missiles and hiding them before destroying the missiles.


by Moderator @ 04:41 PM CST [Link]

Friday, March 7, 2003

What went wrong in US Iraq policy?

What went wrong in US Iraq policy?
(reposted due to technical problems - with apologies)

Even as an American opposed to an attack on Iraq, I can understand the hawks who have long wanted to finish Saddam off at the first good opportunity. He's dangerous, and the instruments of containment were constructed with something else in mind.

by Moderator @ 07:20 PM CST [Link]


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