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9-11- Trashing a Tragedy


A tragic event took place in New York City 9 years ago today: Nearly 3,000 Americans lost their lives when Muslim terrorists of the al Qaeda organization flew hijacked airliners into the Twin Towers buildings in New York as well as the Pentagon.

The tragedy of 9-11 has been trashed by a procession of demagogues selling political snake oil. First in line were the "troofers," who insisted that the attacks were perpetrated by the CIA, by the FBI, by the Israelii Mossad, by Israeli on roof tops, by anyone, in fact, other than the fanatic radical Islamist terrorists who confessed to the attacks. Never mind that Osama bin Laden willingly took "credit" for the attacks. The "troofers" "know," and will tell you, that others were responsible.

Following closely behind them is a group led by a "moderate" sheikh, who want to build an Islamic center near the site of 9-11, A really moderate Muslim would not make such a proposal. which can only fan the flames of religious hate. A wiser mayor, or a wiser city council, would have politely turned down this offer. But, in a recession year nothing is as effective in banishing common sense as a pile of cash.

Bad taste, racism and political demagoguery breed more of the same. An American barbarian proposed to burn Qurans on 9-11. Thankfully, he is reportedly reconsidering his proposal. But a different group of barbarians are convoking a kind of giant Ku Klux Klan rally against Muslims, led by Geert Wilders, a racist demagogue imported from Holland, to protest the Muslim center. Their objection to the Islamic center is supposedly that it will not be considerate to the feelings of relatives of victims, and that Islam is intolerant. Fanatics never have a sense of irony.

Everyone has rights, protected by law. Muslims have the right to worship. The demonstrators have a right to demonstrate. The 9-11 "troofers" have the right to publish their drivel. What law protects the rights of the victims of 9-11?? What law protects the rights of the rest of us?

Ami Isseroff

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Replies: 4 comments

Fact: There was one ligitimate, official mosque inside one of the World Trade Center towers. It's listed in the directory. In addition, there was a second, unofficial mosque inside a stairwell of the other tower, next to a restaurant which had some Muslim employees.

In light of this, why is it such a big deal if an Islamic community center is built near the site of the World Trade Center? And how close is too close? Be specific. Does the criteria for "too close" depend on the level of fanatacism of those who resist this development?

Did you know that another mosque is in the area, approximately 7 blocks away, and that it pre-existed the World Trade Center?

Why is this issue being used to divide the US electorate prior to the coming elections? Who is behind this manipulation?

Open your eyes to peace and tolerance. Turn away from tribalism, intolerance, and all forms of religious fundamentalism. Support the authority of secular law over all forms of intolerance based on religious law, including Halakha and Sharia law.

Posted by Kiev500 @ 09/20/2010 01:41 AM CST

"What law protects the rights of the rest of us?" -Ami Isseroff


YOU have the right to NOT consider yourself a victim. Try that for once. Frankly, I'm sick of hearing political pundits "play the victim" on this issue. This is particularly true when that claim is made by pro-Israel, ultra-nationalist, and pro settlement activists.

Give it a rest, Ami. Such posturing does nothing for the peace process. It leads readers to wonder about your agenda.

Posted by Kiev500 @ 09/21/2010 12:30 PM CST

This fanatic radical Islamist terrorists is a clever bloke. He manages to send a group of soldiers undercover into the heart of the most powerful nation on earth, completely take down their entire defence capability, destroy 3 skyscrapers with two planes (very tidily into their own footprint), make a tiny incision into the pentagon with a massive jumbojet and then get his entire family smuggled out of the country on a couple of international flights the next day even though everything else was grounded. Instead of killing him, you should employ him. A man of many talents.

Posted by Dannyboy @ 10/31/2010 04:35 PM CST

Go to the website patriotsquestion911.com Once you go thru it you will know there is no way he could have done that unless he was working for the US govt. which of course we know he was not. He decided to use the lie against the US to further his jihad, he also wants to die as a martyr, as any Muslim would. Remember when the US offerred to help Mullah Omar and his govt. manage their oil supplies with a US company called Unocal and Omar declined and said they would go with Bridas? He was then told "take our offer on this carpet of gold, or get it on a carpet of bombs". So the US was invading Afghanistan, all that was needed was a reason and voila a big terror event happens so the US can go over there, take them out of power. Someone said coincidence usually takes a lot of planning. I agree. Also read Pepe Escobar's articles called Pipelinestan in Asia Times. It's not just about the oil, or only about the oil, but the oil is a big part of it.

Posted by gina @ 02/20/2011 08:54 AM CST

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