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Israelis and Palestinians declare for peace


The declaration below was signed a while ago, but has not gotten the publicity it should have. In view of intensifying efforts to sabotage the peace negotiations (see Drowning out One Million Voices), anyone who cares about Israeli-Palestinian peace should help publicize the declaration. Without necessarily endorsing every single word of the recommended political solution, we can all understand that public support for peace progress is vital. It would be much better, if the declaration had said "Make peace for both peoples" without trying to specify the parameters. That is the idea of the One Million Voices initiative.

We will never have peace until people people stop saying "we want peace -- but." Peace has to mean peace. It can't be a tactic to destroy your enemy, or a continuation of war by other means.

Ami Isseroff

Message from Palestinian and Israeli Civil Society to the International
Conference on the Middle Eastern Conflict

The people of Palestine and Israel call upon President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to begin immediately intensified negotiations to conclude, by the end of 2008, a genuine peace agreement based upon: the Arab Peace Initiative and the previous agreements signed between the two sides; the implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions 242, 338 and 1397; a fair agreed-upon solution to the Palestinian refugees problem in consideration of General Assembly Resolution 194; the end of the Israeli occupation; the evacuation of all Jewish settlements from within the final borders of the State of Palestine; and a solution for Jerusalem based upon keeping it as one city but establishing it as the capital of the two states: Palestine and Israel.

Such an agreement should have a timetable and a mechanism for implementation, and be conducive to the establishment of an Independent, sovereign Palestinian state within the borders of the 4th of June 1967, with limited mutually agreed-upon 1:1 swaps to meet the vital needs of the two states.

This agreement should be implemented immediately and completed by the establishment of the Palestinian state no later than the end of 2009.

And with its implementation, both sides will declare an end to the conflict, opening the door to a comprehensive peace settlement to the Arab-Israeli conflict* In setting out to achieve this goal, we call upon the two leaders to work out a results-based implementation plan with clear benchmarks that will concretely reflect positive changes in the life of the Palestinian and Israeli people, and to provide peace, respect for human rights and security to the two peoples.

The Signatories alphabetically
Israelis signatures:
* Alon Liel *Amit Leshem *Amitai Menuchin *Anat Kurtz *Ari Rath *Ariel Dolev *Ayelet Spector *Dan Jacobson *Dan Leon *Daniel Bar-Tal *Daniel Lubetzky *David Kellen *David Shulman *Dina Menuchin *Diana Dolov *Dominic Moran *Edy Kaufman *Elad Danogevsky *Eli Kalir *Elie Podeh *Ellen Hyman Kuchi *Eyal Ben Ari *Eyal Oron *Galia Golan *Galit Hassan Rokem *Galit Oren *Gershon Baskin *Gila Svirsky *Hagai- Agmon Snir *Hagit Ofran *Hillel Shinker *Ilai Alon *Imiri Cohen *Ishai Menuchin *Izhak Schnell *Jakob Katriel *Jona Bargur *Kalela Lancester *Larisa Gitelman *Mario Sznajder *Mary Schweitzer *Micol Nizza *Molly Malekar *Micha Hopp *Michelle Shachar *Melisse Welisse Boskovich *Maya Crabtree *Muli Peleg *Mossi Raz *Naomi Chazan *Noam Hoffstater *Naftali Raz *Osnat Bar-Or *Paul Scham *Rachel Amram *Ron Makleff *Ron Shatzberg *Shadi Habaib *Sharon Dolev *Shmuel Bartenstin *Tamara Rabinowitz *Tamar Katiel *Vivian Silver *Yacov Manor *Yair Inov *Yair Patir *Yehudah Paz *Yitzhak Frienkenthal *Zvi Bekerman *Zvia Valden

Palestinian Signatures:
*Abdullah Kiswani *Abed Al-Majed Eriqat *Abu Awaqqas Dahdoul *Adel Ruished *Ahmad Majdalani *Ali Abu Shahla *Ali Hassouneh *Ata Qaymari *Azzam Ashawwa *Ali Kumail *Ayman Ashour *Bassem Eid *Dimitri Diliani *Emad Salem *Fadel Tahboub *Faisal Awartani *Fathi Darwish *Fouad El-Harzin *Fouad Jabr *Ghassan Abdullah *Halim Daree *Hanna Siniora *Ibrahim Bisharat *Ibrahim Matar *Iman Ratrout *Iskandar Najjar *Ismail Daiq *Jamal Adileh *Jamal Hashlamoun *Jihad Abu Zneid * Joline Makhoulf *Khalil Shikaki *Khuloud Dajani *Lucy Nusseibeh *Maha Abu Dayyeh *Mamoun Abu Shahla *Maysa Baransi Siniora *Michael Younan *Mohammed Judeh *Mohammed Abu Ramadan *Mohammed Suleiman Dajani *Mustafa Masoud *Mubarak Awad *Najat Hirbawi *Nidal Jayousi *Nafez Aselah *Nasser Ali *Noah Salameh *Nimala Kharoufeh *Nidal Foqaha *Nisreen Shahin * Nazmi Al-Jubeh *Olfat Hammad *Osama Abu Kursh *Qaddoura Fares *Rami Nassrallah *Rami Tahboub *Riad Shehabi *Ribhi Abu Rmeileh *Rula Salameh *Sahar Menayer *Salwa Hdaib Qannam *Saman Khoury *Sami Al-Kilani *Sulieman Abu Dayyeh *Sari Nussiebeh *Sulieman Al-Khatib *Samieh Abu Zakieh *Sufian Abu Zaida *Suhier Hashimeh *Sami Abu Dayyeh *Sami Adwan *Sameer Al-Jundi *Taleb Awad *Walid Salem *Walid Shomaly *Yaser Abu Khater *Yousef Natsheh *Zahira Kamal *Zahra Khalidi *Ziad Abu Zayyad

International Supporting Signatures:
* Ahlam Akram *Byron Bland *David Last *Ed Van Thijn *Jannie Kuik *Jerome Segal *Judith Bernstein *Mient Jan Faber *Matthias Cerbeke *Marc Gopin *Mubarak Awad * Reiner Bernstein Vivien Lichtenstein *Wim Bartels

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