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Lebanon and Hezbollah: at long last, it is time to wake up


In its lead editorial, the Beirut Daily Star naively notes, At long last, Nasrallah needs to spell out his bottom line

The editors opine:

...anyone who listened to the Hizbullah leader's words was denied a detailed description of what the principal issues are - and therefore what the solutions might be... since the opposition demands change, it has a responsibility to explain what that change would entail, what its bottom-line goals are - and how far the opposition is wiling to go in order to achieve them.

The editors of Daily Star should read their own newspaper. A news article in the Daily Star reports:

Hizbullah's leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah vowed on Friday that the opposition would be "victorious" in its campaign to topple the government...We have the right to transport our arms to combat Israel and of course we have to transport them in secret. We transport them in secret to hide them from our enemies.

Clearly, Hezbollah intends to topple the government, and likewise, Hezbolah has no intentions of allowing the implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions 1559 and 1701, which call for disarmament of militias, and in particular, disarmament of the Hezbollah. The editors of the Daily Star should also read the Hezbollah program, which states that their goal is:

We call upon all of them [Lebanese] to pick the option of Islamic government which, alone, is capable of guaranteeing justice and liberty for all. Only an Islamic regime can stop any further tentative attempts of imperialistic infiltration into our country.

For Christians, there is a message too:

If you, Christians, cannot tolerate that Muslims share with you certain domains of government, Allah has also made it intolerable for Muslims to participate in an unjust regime, unjust for you and for us, in a regime which is not predicated upon the prescriptions (ahkam) of religion and upon the basis of the Law (the Shariía) as laid down by Muhammad, the Seal of the Prophets. If you search for justice, who is more just than Allah? It is He who sent down from the sky the message of Islam through his successive prophets in order that they judge the people and give everyone his rights. If you were deceived and misled into believing that we anticipate vengeance against you - your fears are unjustified. For those of you who are peaceful, continue to live in our midst without anybody even thinking to trouble you.

We don't wish you evil. We call upon you to embrace Islam so that you can be happy in this world and the next...Open your hearts to our Call (da'wa) which we address to you. Open yourselves up to Islam where you'll find salvation and happiness upon earth and in the hereafter...

What is there not to understand about the Hezbollah goals? They keep the arms. They control the government. They have both the political and military power. Surrender or die. It is spelled out quite explicitly.

Ami Isseroff

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Replies: 1 Comment

That is a fairly tendentious interpretation of The selected passages from Hezbollah's program. Let me offer another view.

The UN SC Resolutions demanding that Hezbollah disarm are effectively demanding that Lebanon disarm since, without Hezbollah, Lebanon cannot begin to defend itself against Israel. That is a violation of Lebanon's rights under article 51 of the UN Charter. Hezbollah is quite right to ignore them.`

"We call upon all of them [Lebanese] to pick the option of Islamic government which, alone, is capable of guaranteeing justice and liberty for all. Only an Islamic regime can stop any further tentative attempts of imperialistic infiltration into our country."

This is a call to the Lebanese people to CHOOSE them and their way. Their way is best. Precisely the clarion call of democratic parties everywhere. As regards your interpretation of a demand for a proper share of the government as "surrender or die", what exactly did they do to the Phalangist South Lebanese Army that served as Israel's proxies in Southern Lebanon until Hezbollah drove Israel out, after that happy event? Essentially nothing.

It is such bad news for Zionists and their apologists that as far as internal Lebanese politics are concerned, Hezbollah acts solely as a political party using the tools of democratic politics. Despite them manifestly having the means to do so, they have never sought political power in Lebanon with the gun,

Posted by Devil's Advocate @ 04/05/2007 07:37 PM CST

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