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Pro-Palestinian Jews and peace


I recently received a letter from Richard Melson, inviting "pro-Palestinian Jews" to view his Web site.

I support peace with our Arab neighbors including Arab Palestinians. Everyone who knows me knows that - it is no secret, just as it should be no secret by now that I am a Zionist, and nonetheless cannot find any horns or tail attached to me, and do not plot secretly to take over the economy of the world.

All Zionists must support peace because Israel cannot survive in the long run without peace, and because all people of any persuasion should be for peace. Likewise it seem to me that anyone who supports Palestinians must support peace too. Only a few evil people benefit from carnage, chaos and hate. That is elementary, I think.

However, when I visited Mr. Melton's Web site I did not see writings that support peace or Palestinians really. I did see an Israeli flag and a Palestinian flag. However, I also saw writings about "Zionomics," articles that seem to identify globalization with Zionism (funny, a lot of anti-Zionists condemn it because it is nationalistic!) and other writings critical of Zionism. If supporting my own people is somehow incompatible with supporting Palestinians, then of course I could not support Palestinians. Jews who support Palestinians in that way are not "Jews" in the ordinary sence of the word.

I didn't see any articles critical of Palestinian nationalism at that Web site. For that matter, I didn't find any articles that had positive things to say about Palestinian nationalism, and the Palestinian people. It has been my privilege to meet and know some wonderful Arab Palestinians who are good neighbors and good friends, gifted artists, generous and kind, people who work hard for peace. Why not write about them, if you are "pro-Palestinian"?

As a person who has been passionately concerned to advance dialogue and peace education, I am concerned about such "pro-Palestinian Jews." Jews who are a small minority that denies their own heritage and the rights of the Jewish people, do not help peace or dialogue. They can ruin dialogue by misrepresenting the views of most Jews. It is futile and deceptive to carry out "dialogue" with people who represent a tiny minority opposed to the will of the majority, because we must ultimately reach the majority of the people in both peoples if we want to make peace.

I was moved to write the letter below to Mr. Melton, and others.

Dear friends,
Thank you for your email regarding pro-Palestinian Jews. I am a pro-Arab-Palestinian Jew too.

I support Israel and Arab Palestine.

John L. Strawson is a supporter of Palestine and no friend of Israel, but he has little patience with anti-Zionism.

People who write about "Zionomics" and the like, as Richard Melson did, usually really mean the same thing as "internationalen Finanzjudentum," The "international finance Jewry" that Hitler blamed for starting World War II.

You can show 30 "Israeli" flags or "Palestinian" flags at your Web site, but it is irrelevant if you do not respect the national rights and the national movements of both peoples, regardless of what some "Zionists" or some Palestinians may say or do.

I want peace for two states living side by side in dignity. peace and prosperity. That is a "win-win" solution.

It is a truism that conflict and hatred help nobody except those who foment it. Unfortunately it seems we must repeatedly remind people of this truism. The great problem of the Israel-Arab-Palestinian conflict is that too many people support one side exclusively at the expense of the other, deny rights to the other and try to foist outmoded ideologies on everyone rather than looking for solutions that can help both sides. This turns the conflict into a lose/lose situation, generating hate and perpetuating conflict. It convinces people that letting the other people live in peace is a "painful concession" rather than a necessary and decent prerequisite for peace. This turns the only possible and decent solution into a "lose-lose" proposition.

I think that Jewish people and Arab Palestinians should support their own nation and country first, support peace as an integral part of supporting their country, and also have due regard for the needs and rights of the "other side." In any case, Jews who support Israel and Arabs who support Palestine are the majority of each people. Arabs or Jews who want to renounce their identity may do so as their own personal choice, but it doesn't really affect the real balance of opinion.

Please do not spread racist slogans and hate under the cloak of peace and coexistence.

Ami Isseroff

More about Zionomics.

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Replies: 4 comments

World Resolution 666 (Israel)

Due to Israel’s constant Murdering of the Palestinian people and illegal land grabbing without justification.
Due to the United States and United Nation’s inability to control this Zionist Nazi Regime due to it’s Nuclear threats on the US and abroad.
World Resolution 666 must be implemented as follows.
Since Israel is in defiance of the world’s request’s to stop the occupation and Murder of Palestinians, A World War against Israel is required under this World Resolution 666 (Israel).
We know it is not just Muslims who are against Israel’s defiance.
Therefore anyone is an acceptable partner in this war against Israel Terror.
It is important that this is not a war against’s the Jewish people of the world.
This is a war against Israel and supporters of Israel Worldwide.
Communication for this group using non moderated chat rooms will be a good starting point.

1. For every Civilian killed by ANY Israeli someone in the group will kill an Israeli or an Israeli Supporter somewhere in the world. (AIPAC and USA Elected Officials that support Israel are A PLUS and can be a great starting point in America. (A simple internet search in your area will give partners the ability to locate targets in their area)

2. For every illegally occupied settlement unit built, we will burn down the same amount of property of ANY Israeli supporter throughout the World.

3. For every prisoner abducted off occupied land, we will kill one Israeli supporter since any prisoner held by Israel is usually killed anyway.

4. For every rape we will kill one Israeli supporter.

5. For every account an Israeli injures someone, we will kill/Injure one Israeli supporter.
(Note) The killing versus injury under decision of the partners protection of eliminating the witness if discovered.

6. Items 1-5 are to be backdated 40 years if after 10/31/2006 Israel has NOT agreed to back off onto their green line border by 4/25/2007

7. Any Amendments to World Resolution 666 (Israel) are open for addition.

8. The War Starts Today !

P.S. Who wants to be the Leader?

Posted by Resolution 666 @ 09/15/2006 04:36 PM CST

I like your resolution, resolution666, but one problem, how are you going to achieve any of these goals if the west has more of a military might. I support Palestine and cannot stand the bulllshittt of Isreal, but how will resolution 666 fix any of your problems. THEY WONT. So stop kidding yourself. The United States doesn't give a crap about how many civilians you kill. Look at 9-11. You killed thousands of civilians. Did that change anything. No. Just made the west more angry.
Like I said, I do not agree with Isreal or the United States actions, but what does you "666" solve. Well, you might cause many many more deaths of palestinians. Remember the west has a more popular idealogy compared to the arab and muslim worlds, so in the end the west will prevail. So try alternative peace methods and you might succeed.

Posted by john @ 09/18/2006 07:49 PM CST

Well, that resolution kinda adds to the hypocrisy of Arabs denying they are violent (You are Arab aren't you?) What will all this prove? Killing murderers and then the second murderer will be killed. Just like in primitive vicking times. The Middle East is, in fact, pretty primitive, with archaic notion, like killing all those who trepass against you. I, for the most part, support Israel, because Israel defends itself. Though both sides can be cruel, Israel IS peace loving and protective of it's country. I have to go but I'll (maybe) come back later. (Sorry that it's all badly written I am busy.)

Posted by Jewish_Supporter_Christian_Girl @ 10/31/2006 02:09 AM CST


Quit reading "little red riding hood stories" and other fairy tales. Isreal is defending itself, that is funny. What is everyone else doing??? Isreal is not defending itself. Palestinians are defending themselves because Isreal took over their land. So there. LOL. Now go back to reading your fuckken bible. dumbass.

Posted by JOHN @ 11/10/2006 05:44 PM CST

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