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About a Song - Make something good happen in Jewish-Arab Israeli dialogue


These words are meant mostly for Israelis. Of all things, they are about a song. There are riots in Nazareth and people getting blown up in Iraq, but yours truly is writing about a song. Even more frivolously, the song is an entry in the Eurovision contest. To put it mildly, I am not a big fan of this contest and the kind of 'culture' it represents. So what is it all about?

The song is special, because it is the product of a Jewish-Arab Israeli collaboration by featured artists of the Adamai group. It is called 'Mother Earth' and it is performed by Shlomo Gronich, Lubna Salameh and Michal Adler. It is submitted as a candidate for the Israeli entry in the Eurovision song contest.

The winning song that will represent Israel, is chosen by the telephone votes of Israeli television viewers. Here is a chance to make a statement for peace, to show the world that something good can come out of the Middle East, and to spread a bit of light for a change. It may not be much, but perhaps if this song is chosen and if this song can win the Eurovision contest, it can make Arabs and Jews and Christians and Muslims, Europeans and Asians and everyone else, think a bit differently about each other and about our unhappy part of the world.

So please, if you are an Israeli reading this message, tune in to Israeli TV Channel 1 on March 15 at 9 PM and call in your vote for "Mother Earth" - Ima Adama. If you are not an Israeli - tell someone.

Click here to learn more about the song Mother Earth. and see the Lyrics in English

Ami Isseroff

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