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Surefire political position diagnostic


Yours truly, who is not a political scientist, modestly proposes a quick and easy surefire political position diagnostic. It is presented below as a free gift to the world. As a bonus, it will test your sanity.

This test will determine the political position of the respondent with a single question.

The Question:

Do you agree (Yes) or disagree (No) with the following statement?

We condemn violence, but we have to understand the root causes of the violence. Repressive measures will only evoke a cycle of violence.


Political Position

CASE: Question relates to SettlerPalestinianConservativeLiberal Far LeftNut
Palestinian attacksNoYesNA*YesYesNA
9-11 in USANoMaybeNoNoYesNA
London subway bombingsNoMaybeNoNoYesNA
Israeli settler violence YesNoNANo NoNA
New Orleans shootings
and lootings
Violence against gays, abortion clinicsNoNoYesNoNoNA
Violence against you or your family NoNoNoNoNoYes

* NA - Not Applicable - response cannot be used as a diagnostic.

The last case is included as a sanity check. Every sane person understands that violence against themselves or their own family is wrong, don't they?

If you agreed with the first statement in any of the cases, shouldn't you should agree with this one?

I do not like people of your type because you represent globalization and you drink too much water and have the wrong religious beliefs. That is why I am about to smash your face with this hammer as a form of altruistic political protest. Call it "post-Modernist theater" in honor of Professor Eagleton.

Do you agree or disagree?

All you folks out there who are for "justice" and "compassion" in some places, but not others, please think about it.

Ami Isseroff

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