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Support the Free Muslim March against Terror


MidEastWeb is proud to endorse a march against terror and for freedom in the Middle East, organized by the Free Muslims and open to all. Decent people everywhere understand that there will be little hope for a better world if we allow terrorists to dictate the agenda. Details of the march are given here: http://freemuslims.org/news/article.php?article=542.

The march will be held May 14 from 1-5 PM, beginning at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC, Pennsylvania Ave between 13th and 14th St. NW. Contact information - 202-776-7190. If you can get to Washington - please be there!

The Free Muslims have called on other organizations to join in endorsing the march, and MidEastWeb for Coexistence joins in their call. If your group is concerned about peace in the Middle East and a better future for everyone, please do not miss this opportunity. Contact President@freemuslims.org or call with your endorsement.

The Free Muslims announcement states:

[Begin quoted announcement]

March Against Terror

The Free Muslims Against Terrorism are proud to announce that on May 14th 2005, Muslims and Middle Easterners of all backgrounds will converge on our nationís Capital for a rally against terrorism and to support freedom and democracy in the Middle East and the Muslim world. This will be the first rally of its kind in Washington DC that is led by Muslims and Middle Easterners.

Join us in sending a message to radical Muslims and supporters of terrorism that we reject them and that we will do all we can to defeat them.

We also want to send a message of hope to the people of the Muslim world and the Middle East who seek freedom, democracy and who reject radical Islam that we are with them and that we will do all we can to support them.

This rally is NOT limited to Muslims and Middle Easterners. We request anyone and everyone who supports our message to join us at the rally. We want to send a message to the extremists and terrorists that American Muslims, Christians, Jews and people of all faiths are united against terrorism and extremism.

We welcome all endorsers and we ask that you circulate and publish this message to as many groups and people as possible. Help us make history.

To sponsor this rally, please send the name of your group to the Free Muslims Against Terrorism. President@freemuslims.org

[End of quoted announcement]

MidEastweb for Coexistence emphasizes again that this is a wonderful opportunity for everyone concerned for peace in the Middle East, tolerance, democracy and freedom to make our voices heard over the bombs, and to begin a world-wide grassroots movement to make the world and the Middle East safe for decent folk and common human values. Stopping terror has to be high on the agenda for everyone who wants to make the Middle East a better place.

Thank you for joining us.

The Board of MidEastweb for Coexistence R.A.
The editors of MidEastWeb and MidEastWeb News Service

Please forward and circulate this announcement

Islam and the concept of martyrdom http://www.mideastweb.org/log/archives/00000188.htm

This announcement is posted at http://www.mideastweb.org/log/archives/00000345.htm

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Replies: 7 comments

yeah, march against Israel, they are the cause of all the problems in the world, never forget that!
Moron! I cannot understand where the heck you get that crap from. It's easy to say that Israel is made up of terrorists, but you cannot at all support that with facts or history. It's simple for me to say that all Palestinians are racist terrorists.

PS, try "stupid", not "stuiped". What about "stoopied"?

Posted by guuky @ 04/25/2005 05:17 PM CST

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Posted by online ------ @ 05/03/2005 05:47 AM CST

Thank you for organizing this important march. I am sorry that I cannot join because I have previously planned event I must attend, but I will be there in spirit. I am sending the information about your organization and your efforts to all our friend throughout the world.

Posted by dawn safeknight @ 05/05/2005 07:18 AM CST

For one thing, this march is a great thing to happen, especially for history. The world does need to see that all muslims are not "terrorists". People who think that really need to get an education. To comment on an earlier statement about this march needs to be against Israel. That comment is so biased and unnecessary. If one looks at the sponsors they contain Jewish (Hebrew) and Muslims (Arabs). This march is a great way to unite people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds. No one should balme just the Arabs or Hebrews for the violence in the Middle East. It is a mixture of hatred on both sides. Decent people must find a uniting factor so both groups will compromise and prosper. This of coarse is not a utopian style thinking. This can happen, and it just takes a lot of work. People must also understand that both Arabs and Hebrews are linked by common langauge and "blood". I will be at the march to support. Thanks...

Posted by Mark @ 05/07/2005 09:19 AM CST

yea! u go an march on !!!!!

Posted by EUstace @ 05/11/2005 04:45 PM CST

Give peace a chance and so many problems will diminish or disapear.

Posted by Madison Mike @ 05/12/2005 01:15 AM CST

im not sure you should be suggesting to non muslims that there is a radical islam which is bad vs a moderate islam which embraces some kind of multicultural utopia.
Islam like any religion gets interpreted and manipulated to serve peoples own ends be it power,independence or the only way to unite a people out of suppression and oppression.
"Radical" and "Fundamentalist" could also mean "orthodox" and "conservative" depending on what the listeners own bias is.
I think the message of the march should simply be the common desire to see peace whether or not you are muslim.If that doesnt give the right message nothing will

Posted by ahmer @ 05/18/2005 03:15 AM CST

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