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Photo Analysis of Hariri Assassination Scene Shows it was an Underground Explosion


A series of photos sent to a Lebanese daily newspaper provide evidence that former PM Rafik Hariri was not killed by a suicide bomber as had been claimed, but rather by an underground bomb that had probably been put in place earlier.

The analysis appears to back a story that appeared in Naharnet earlier.

The story claimed:

The assassination scene abutted a ditch carved 10 days ago for underground public works repairs of the sewage system. Retired army Brig. Gen. Shehadeh Maalouf told the LBCI Tuesday evening that as a seasoned explosives spedeletedt he is inclined to subscribe to the underground mechanically detonated bombing.
"I am not ruling out a remote-controlled roadside bombing or a suicide driver crashing his car-bomb into the motorcade. But the exceptionally huge crater caused by the blast makes me more inclined to the underground tunnel theory,"
Maalouf said.

According to the Naharnet story, experts at Hariri's Oger company are claiming that the blast had to be caused by about 1000 KG of T-4 explosive. It is not clear how they know what type of explosive was used. Others have estimated that if the blast happened in a confined underground space, even a small quantity of explosive, as little as 50 KG, might have produced the crater, because the entire force of the blast would be directed upward. It has been noted that absence of lateral damage seems to indicate that the blast came from below.

The photos and text of the still anonymous tip (sent to a different newspaper) are below.

Ami Isseroff

Where was the explosion planted?

In case the explosives were planted inside a car and detonated, the asphalt wouldn't be thrown meters away. We will explain this picture by picture

The center of the explosion under the road

The arrows show the direction of the explosion. Since it was planted underground, it created a V crater from the bottom to the top.

These cars are the nearest to the hole, but, unlike the cars that are further away, these cars remained in their places, even though they are very close to the base of the explosion.

In the next two graphics [apparently referring to the above diagrams] , you can see the following details:

Graphic number 1 - The explosion's source is underground, the pressure/force is vertical. The cars that are near the source will not be damaged as much as the cars that are further.

Graphic number 2 - The explosion is from another car, thus the pressure/force is horizontal. It will take the closest object to the explosion and throw it away (in this case, you can see how the two cars remained in their places, while glass was broken kilometers away! There is no
chance any car can endure such a huge explosion unless it avoided direct contact with the pressure as in graphic number 1.

The pressure coming from the underground explosion forces the manhole covers to fly. If the explosion was above the ground, the cover wouldn't fly off...

The red arrows show pieces of asphalt. They are more than 100 meters from the explosion. The only way they got there was by flying.

These cars are parked outside the main explosion zone. There are no buildings over them as you can see the big trees next to the cars. This is the highway coming to the St. Georges Hotel from downtown. The damage indicated by the red arrows is due to heavy materials falling on the cars. It is almost 200 meters away from the place of the explosion.The explosion threw heavy materials (like asphalt) 200 meters away by going up to a high altitude then falling down in big pieces to create these damages to the cars. Asphalt will not fly 200 meters into the air if the explosion is above ground. Therefore, the only way the pieces of asphalt flew 200 meters is by a pressure coming from underground and in this case, from under the road.

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Replies: 6 comments

I would just like to bring to ur attention that most of ur analysis is flaud and one who understands the fundamentals of physics would strongly disagree. please read conservation of momentum and impulse before making these very untrue stratements.

Posted by Jehad @ 02/18/2005 01:14 AM CST

So Jehad, what is your conclusion about these photos, this incident? How does this relate to conservation of momentum and impulse - why does the moderator's comment not conform to this in your opinion.

Posted by Carol @ 02/18/2005 07:57 PM CST

Jehad, I am a mechanical engineer; i do not see anything in conservation of momentum and impulse that contradicts this analysis. On the contrary conservation of impulse (momentum has no much to do here) shows that if the explosion was at the surface of the ground, any impulsive reaction to that explosion would be on the horizontal axis. But how could that be if the cars next to the hole haven't moved. I would like to know what you think.

Posted by Oussama @ 02/20/2005 08:03 PM CST

So who did the attack? Also if one looks at 9/11 and the twin towers that fell. Since when does plane fuel melt metal?

Posted by Butros Dahu @ 02/21/2005 09:29 PM CST

i've been working with explosives since 1975 and i made 7 trainings in europe and the states.as far as i know and as far as what i saw on the bomb scene i strongly say that this explosive is huge and outstanding!!!! (from the way it was done)the explosives were put above the ground not underground and all the comments on the above pics are bullshit.it's stongly obvious that the "guy" who put this explosion was very smart in deviating the investigation by putting so many car parts in the explosion itself!there are at least 2 cars missing until now!!!!

Posted by joe @ 02/25/2005 09:33 PM CST

I think that the Israeli Palestinian conflict is dumb!They should just put a wall around the Holy City that is 10ft high w/ tight secuirity.They should kick the Palestinians out of there!IT IS NOT THEIR OR ANYONE ELSES LAND!!!I would just leave the Jews their because come on look at what has happened to them!The Diaspora, Exodus, Holocaust and now this. It is so ridiculous that just because the Palestinians did not get kicked out of their homeland and pushed around for several 100 years does not mean that now when the Jews can safely come back they throw a big hissy fit over it. Did you know the Jews and Palestinians were originally related and lived in peace till 73AD the Diaspora. Cut the Jews some slack!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Kira Irons age 11 @ 03/12/2005 02:56 AM CST

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