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Middle East Grand Strategy in 60 Seconds or Less


Attention, world leaders: try MidEastWeb's new system for selecting your country's grand strategy in the Middle East. It's fast. It's effective. And it's free.

First, identify your Central Assumptions. Do you believe that the many woes and tribulations afflicting the Middle East are the fault of 1. Middle Eastern rulers and regimes (not counting Israel), or 2. Western countries (including Israel)? And do you believe that the solutions for these many knotty problems ultimately must come from A. the Middle East, or B. the West (primarily the U.S.)?

Second, use your Central Assumptions to look up your Grand Strategy in the handy table below. Each Grand Strategy comes complete with a Role Model, to help visualize your new policy choices. Yes, it's just that simple.

Central Assumptions
Grand Strategies
With Role Models
Perceived source of troubles
1. Mideast2. West
Perceived source
of solutions
A. Mideast1A. Contain
Ariel Sharon
2A. Rebel
Usama bin Ladin
B. West1B. Roll back
George W. Bush
2B. Accommodate
Jacques Chirac

And there we are. If that took more than 60 seconds, please accept our sincere apologies, and a full refund.

For MidEastWeb, I'm


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by Analyst @ 06:47 AM CST [Link]


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Replies: 8 comments

I was a lt. colonel who'd just overthrown a monarchy with some frankly pretty vague plans for a small start-up, and even before I sent an ambassador to the UN or sat down with an OPEC minister I used Middle East Grand Strategy. Well, look at me now: I'm the president-for-life of a highly successful regime!

All I can say is, thanks Analyst!

Posted by His Excellency TK @ 07/22/2004 08:36 AM CST

What if you think they are all at fault, and it will take many entities working together to make things better. Where do you click for that?

Posted by Perplexed @ 07/25/2004 09:34 PM CST

Monsieur Chirac can't even spell "Accommodate" in alternative 2b! Sacre bleu!

Posted by Don @ 07/25/2004 10:03 PM CST

That's because there is no word in French for "accommodation"!

(Note to anyone tempted to correct me: Don't bother. This is an example of what is known as humor.)

Posted by Analyst @ 07/27/2004 05:09 PM CST

People who think the problem comes entirely from the other guy and that somehow the ultimate solution will come from them are irrational and will always cause more problems than they solve.
Note George Bush and Usama Bin Ladin!

Posted by Deviant Society @ 07/28/2004 08:12 PM CST

Don instead of concerning yourself with grammar and being a know-it-all, try considering all the children who are caught in the middle of this. You arrogant ass!

Posted by Wiser than Don @ 08/30/2004 10:09 PM CST

Hey everyone,

I'm french, and even I disagree with this table... (no kidding, .. that's our national sport... :o) )

But maybe, as some rightly suggested, it comes from the translation ...

First, is continuously crushing palestinians for decades, including extensively civilian populations, is what you gently call "contain"?

Is being consistently and continuously 100% on one side only means "Roll-back" in english?

By the way, how did you select Chirac as the symbol of "accomodate" ... ??
How did you select him, as opposed to the leasers of 99% the nations on earth which think the same?

Furthermore, what about a third dimension (surely missing): "who is refusing any political settlement, including in the framework of the international consensus".

Now, I can understand that, in several ways, this additional category ruins a bit the whole table...

(thanks for your great web site)

Posted by Jean-Luc @ 09/07/2004 01:59 AM CST

Ok, Jean-Luc, your points are noted. So, now, as an intellectual exercise, put yourself in the shoes of the Israeli PM. What's *your* solution? ... Im interested in hearing your opinion. Really.

Posted by Yarden @ 09/11/2004 05:03 PM CST

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