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What if?


I was Just reading that article below. It led me to wonder what could prevent Vanunu
of starting a legal proceeding in Italy or in America for kidnapping against
an Israeli agent?

Thursday, February 26, 2004 Ha`aretz
Times man: 'It's Vanunu's kidnap story that worries Israel' By Yossi Melman

Vanunu was kidnapped in Rome, to which he had been lured from London by
"Cindy," a Mossad agent. It was later revealed that "Cindy" was in fact a
young American woman named Cheryl Hanin, who had immigrated to Israel and
worked for the Mossad. A few years ago, it turned out that she is living in
Orlando, Florida with her Israeli husband.

In a way, he can even do it from Israel. Not sure if his brothers couldn't
do it for him.

Years ago, Mitterand was President of France and the French nuclear program was meeting a strong opposition of Green Peace.

The Rainbow warrior was obstructing the nuclear tests and every possible ways. France did become quite angry. So angry that some French agents did blow the ngo's ship.

On the night of 10 July 1985 disaster struck. Shortly before midnight two high explosive devices, attached to the hull of the Rainbow Warrior some time previously, detonated within the space of a few minutes. The force of the explosions was such that a hole eight feet in size was opened below the waterline at the engine room. The vessel sank within minutes.

Fernando Pereira, crew member and official photographer was drowned while attempting to retrieve photographic equipment from his cabin.

However, the French agents were caught red handed.
Although initially identified as Alain Jacques Turenge and his wife Sophie Frederique Clare Turenge, inquiries revealed their true identities to be Major Alain Mafart, aged 35 and Captain Dominique Prieur, aged 36.

Serving as commissioned officers in the French Armed Forces, they had been detailed to assist members of the French Security Forces to prevent the voyage occurring. For this to happen, the vessel had to be so extensively damaged that repairs could not be completed in time for the voyage to begin.

The two officers were arrested. On Friday, 22 November Mafart and Prieur again appeared in the Auckland High Court and were sentenced to ten years imprisonment on the charge of manslaughter and seven years imprisonment on the charge of arson. In delivering judgement the Chief Justice Sir Ronald Davison gave a clear indication of his feelings on the possibilty of early deportation stating "People who come to this country and commit terrorist activities cannot expect to have a short holiday at the expense of our Government and return home as heroes".

France could finally get its agents free but not without having gone through a terrible humiliation.


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