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Israeli security barrier: back to the drawing boards?


A "minor design flaw" has been found in the controversial Israeli security barrier.

The Israeli security fence, intended to keep Palestinian terrorists out of Israel, will cost an estimated 1.9 Billion dollars. It was designed by top security experts and incorporates the latest in security technology to form an air-tight barrier against would-be suicide bombers.

The wall is also exacting a huge price in Israel's image abroad, as supporters of the Palestinians have succeeded in convincing the UN General Assembly to ask the International Court of Justice at the Hague for an advisory opinion. The wall cuts some Palestinian towns in half and prevents farmers from reaching their fields. One Palestinian, according to Israel radio, has been given a key to the wall. The wall passes right in front of his house, and the only way he can get out of the house is through the gate in the wall. Israelis argue that if the wall can prevent suicide bombings it is all definitely worth it. Supporters claim that the 50% reduction in attacks this year is due to the wall.

However, every security precaution can be circumvented. According to an article in the World Tribune, the weaknesses of the barrier have already become evident. Despite all the careful planning, the geniuses in charge of the project neglected to take into account such Palestinian hi-tech developments as ladders. A group of Palestinians seeking work in Israel easily scaled the wall by leaning a ladder against it.

According to the article:

The sources said an Israeli command center spotted the infiltrators but
could not respond quickly enough to capture them. They said this constitutes
a breach in security that must be resolved.

My my. You don't say!?

Ami Isseroff

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Replies: 5 comments

The saddest part of the Anti-Arab Zionist wall?

It shuts off Arabs from their only claim to fame: Anti-Zionism.

Sadaam was their last hero.

Moses was the first Zionist.

Back to the drawing board :)

Posted by IamJoseph @ 01/21/2004 05:22 PM CST

Is it just me, or are the Israelis exacting the same racism on the palestinians that was done to the jews by the germans. You would think that once a race of human beings was on the brink of extinction by another, that they would not want to cut off anothers right to live. Down with the wall, there is no peace in isolation. "Let my people go", a powerful quote by a jew, reflects meaning today. Open your eyes if you are jewish.

Posted by chuck @ 01/21/2004 11:37 PM CST

Apparently racists like Chuck, above, don't care about the "right to live" of Jewish children blown up by Palestinian terrorists supported by so-called mainstream Arabs through donations to "Charities". If you don't like the wall, ask the Arabs as a whole renounce terrorism.

Posted by Bruce @ 01/23/2004 11:00 PM CST

If the wall worked then fine. But Israel cannot exist as a walled fortress in a hostile world. Israelis will have to exit their fort for commerce and then "bang," the terrorists will get even!

Also, strict borders set by the wall would soon crimp in Israelis, even though these severely encroach on lands Bush promised to Palestinians because Israelis want very much to travel the Mideast. And, Israel is an economic dynamo that must be economically "sans frontieres" in order to be an eco-"light onto" its neighbors. High-tech Israelis now unemployed should learn Arabic because they will be the spreaders of modernity to Middle East far beyond Sharon's apartheid wall. The big Arab secret is that Islamics trust Israelis much much more than Europeans once peace is achieved. Arab visionaries dream of Israelo-Arab "take-off" economically. Sharon is a leftover from the "Zionazi" mentality of the East European Jews like Jabotinsky, who were and are more East European fascists than Jews. Betar types were very admiring of Hitler and a lot of Likud admired Stalin, both as men who EXPAND their nation's lands. But that's all anacronism. Now the future is globalization, production and muliti-national corporations, not land, as in farmer days. Israelis can-- must-- lead the Mideast into that high-tech productiveness like no one else can. But to do that they must courageously destroy their wall of fear for their children's safety. They must come to terms with moderate Palestinians who do not want to be enslaved into a Mideival Sharia (the very large majority of educated Muslims). We in the West can and should help. But our help should secure Israel's existance-- not its land expansion through arms-- and its economic plugging in of the Mideast into the globalist economy. We should udermine crooked Arab regimes and aggressive ones, but that should be through peace and guile, not war. Surely, if we could defeat the USSR, we can defeat the mullahs and the Islamic crooks without bombs and guns. And, we must avoid the influence of neocon putses who never even heard a gun but want others to die fighting so that they can feel like "mensches." Many are crooks like Ceril Black, who only want to get rich behind US and IDF gunpower.

Peace is at hand and Geneva is the warm hand extended to his chosen Jewish and Islamic peoples by God.

Posted by DE Teodoru @ 01/25/2004 01:14 AM CST

PLEASE tell me that someone mistook the date for April 1......

Posted by Miranda @ 01/26/2004 04:51 AM CST

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