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Happy New Year from Dakka Jail - Salah Choudhoury


Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhoury, jailed Bangladesh journalist, writes from jail to wish us all a happy new year. Salah was jailed November 29 and, after several remands, charged with a passport violation for trying to travel to Israel. Salah was trying to promote recognition of Israel by Bangladesh, in line with a US initiative with the Bangladesh government. At his latest remand hearing, the state claimed it was preparing charges of sedition and anti-religious activities against Salah. These charges, based on his outspoken campaign against relgious intolerance and extremism, could bring very long prison terms.

How you can help Salah - write to human rights activists, Bangladesh embassy and elected officials in your country as well as the US State department. See my introduction to his previous letter for details of the case and some important addresses. It is especially helpful to contact officials and rights workers who you know personally.

Ami Isseroff

New Year's Greetings from Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

My dearest and respected:


I know this year although I had to welcome the year from the prison; we will definitely be able to see a better tomorrow soon.

I would like to re-affirm that my endeavors and mission gets more energy and spirit with each day of sufferings I am facing now.

I know and firmly believe a better tomorrow which is JUST APPROACHING, which will open a NEW VISTA of CLOSE COOPERATION AND RELATIONS between the people of Bangladesh and Israel and Jewish people around the world.

We have not forgotten the tremendous pain that you have taken (Jews in general any where in the world) Hope the new generation has learnt a little at least about that. By the Grace of Almighty G-D we now have acquired our own position/ status in many powerful countries in the world.

I am exchanging views here, and by now, I saw a large number who support my ideas and spirit. Hatred between Muslims and Jews must come to an end, for the cause of GLOBAL PEACE BRILLIANT FUTURE FOR OUR CHILDREN.

Fundamentalist forces within the government are trying their best to let me GIVE UP MY MISSION. But I am that soldier who does not in any way believe in Retreat. I know my sufferings will one day give something best to this world. We must work in ending conflicts and terrorism from this world. We must work in ending say NO to terrorism, extremism and RADICALISM.

I am already indebted to you for your kind and generous support. Please be with me in the days to come in my endeavors till we attain a TOTAL SUCCESS.

My family is passing through a very difficult time now. Fund is being DRAINED for my release, while the opponents are spending too in persuading for keeping me for a longer period. My wife, my only younger brother are knocking each and every place to see the lights of my bail/release. My newspaper publication is suspended due to NON AVAILABILITY of equipment. Staffs are HORRIFIED. They fear JOB LOSS if I fail to revive the publication of BLITZ. But the only hope is ONLY YOUR KIND and sympathetic support and cooperation. Please believe I HAVE ENTERED INTO a VIRTUAL WAR with the radicals and fundamentalists (who ever that may be) and I badly need your support in attaining VICTORY. Please convey this message to all the people in Israel and my JEWISH Brothers and Sisters around the world. (Only those people whom we could utterly rely upon) Once we are VICTORIOUS, we will definitely be able to see the defeat of terrorists, radicals and extremist in all other fields in the days JUST TO APPROACH.

Through you, I would like to appeal to all peace loving people in Israel and in the world to start with me with your valued sympathy and support. May G-D bless us!

Yours truly,

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

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