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The Middle East in one easy lesson


[Revised and updated!] So how is a person who lives in America or Europe supposed to know what to think about the Mideast these days? It's easier than you think. First of all, don't worry about familiarizing yourself with the details. That's too time-consuming, and you have a life to live.

Second, don't get to know anyone who lives in the region, not even by email. If you start thinking of them as flesh-and-blood human beings, you risk diluting your ability to treat them as a convenient way to express your worldview.

Third, for your views, consult this complimentary chart:

My political outlook

Far LeftLeftCenter-LeftCenterCenter-RightRightFar Right
What to readElectronic IntifadaThe NationThe New York Review of BooksThe New York TimesThe Jerusalem PostThe Weekly StandardThe American Conservative

and villains

AIPACIsraelPaul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle
With a special appearance by George W. Bush
Ariel SharonYasser ArafatThe House of SaudAIPAC
What they
(or he)
Made Arabs and Muslims hate America and the West, inspired terrorismMade Arabs and Muslims hate America and the West, inspired terrorismMade Arabs and Muslims hate America and the West, inspired terrorismMade Arabs and Muslims hate America and the West, inspired terrorismMade Arabs and Muslims hate America and the West, inspired terrorismMade Arabs and Muslims hate America and the West, inspired terrorismMade Arabs and Muslims hate America and the West, inspired terrorism

You may wish to print out a copy to keep it handy.


[Original as of 12/29; contains some refinements and edits in response to suggestions. But don't take it too seriously.]

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by Analyst @ 10:07 AM CST [Link]


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Replies: 6 comments

At least for Ha'aretz, they seem to me to be more balanced than presented. I'd say Sharon is their scapegoat, rather than "Israel".

Posted by Ofri @ 12/29/2003 04:56 PM CST

Good Heavens! I've moved rightward. I actually believe that Arafat bears responsibility as well as Sharon. Let us not forget the EU's hands are not entirely clean either. The EU does not appear on the chart. But, I've already made the mistake of e-mailing people who live there. I couldn't possibly be objective.

Posted by harlan baker @ 12/29/2003 06:03 PM CST

Analyst obviously meant this immensely popular article as a spoof. We should not take it too too seriously.
For left and far-left info sources, I would add Electronic Intifada, Counterpunch, Middle East Review and Washington Report. I would add GW Bush, "neocons" (= Jews) & AIPAC as villains as well.
For the right and far right, I would add the NY Post & Wahhabis or Islamists as enemies.
I agree that Center Left does not target all of Israel or only Israel as a villain. Hamas features prominently.
The article is only meant as a joke - a kind of "analyst lite." Unfortunately too many people really do think that way and can be classified in that simplistic way.

Posted by Moderator @ 12/30/2003 04:13 PM CST

I'd put Counterpunch on the far-left and list AIPAC, Israel, and Jews as their enemies.

Posted by Michael Brenner @ 01/01/2004 05:45 AM CST

I'm relieved because (1) I could laugh at this (2) I don't really fit any of the categories!

Trevor Stanley.

Posted by Trevor Stanley @ 01/02/2004 03:34 PM CST

This "spectrum" fails to acknowledge the gulf between Israeli and American media, the latter being much more heavily censored of any criticism of Likud or far right wing agenda.

Posted by Kurt Cobain @ 01/08/2004 07:08 PM CST

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