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War Pages and Headlines we'd like to see


Throughout the duration of the Iraq war, MidEastWeb will post updated news and views at: www.mideastweb.org/iraqwar.htm supplemented by fast loading maps. That page is updated several times a day with stories from around the world.

You are welcome to comment on the news here.

Remember all the stuff the experts and politicians told us? Perhaps its time to make headlines of the fact that most of it was baseless.

Here are some headlines we'd like to see:

No WMD in Iraq - Bush: "It was all a waste of money and lives"

WSJ - Iraq war does not bring about democracy and peace - Meyrav Wurmser to become housewife

Laurie Mylroie - No connection betweeb Al-Qaida and Saddam

Palestinians are not being transferred during Gulf War - "experts" admit they were lying

Al Ahram - Iraq War not caused by Jews

The Nation - Iraq War not caused by Jews; nobody listens to Richard Perle anyway

Jerusalem Post - IDF Admits killing babies and ISM activists does not help Israeli security

Rumsfeld: "Darn it, the Iraqis are actually fighting - we didn't plan on that"

Anti-War Activists: "Shredding people in plastic shredders is probably not so nice actually"

Chirac: "France will return the money it got for Iraqi reactor, WMD it sold Iraq"

Putin: "Chechnya has a legitimate right to self determination too"

UN not dismantled - Richard Perle abandons consulting business, becomes science fiction writer

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Replies: 25 comments

If we don't stop what's going on in Iraq, the evil dictator will continue to hurt good, loving people. When this war is over
the Iraqi's will have freedom and peace in Iraq.. I speak for the Americans.. God bless all of the
Iraq citzens.. We American's
do not want to hurt them..

Posted by Missy Martin @ 03/24/2003 03:46 AM CST

I'm excited for the future of the Iraqi people. The reign of this evil man is a mere blip on the timeline of this vital country. I welcome the day Baghdad resumes its roll as a rich cultural center. It will be a beacon of light in a troubled region of the world.

Bless our coalition forces, President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, and the Iraqi people!

Posted by Dan @ 03/24/2003 05:39 AM CST

I can't wait until this is over!


Posted by Anika @ 03/24/2003 03:14 PM CST

If only the world were as simple--as black and white, as good and evil--as President Bush paints it, all the answers to this difficult situation would be clear. The world, however, is complex, and that complexity breeds great pain and strife as well as tremendous beauty and wonderful human interactions. Simple answers to complex problems will only deepen the conflict.

Posted by Jeff @ 03/24/2003 05:53 PM CST

Headlines I'd like to see:

Washington Post: Barbara & Jenna Bush enlist - "We've got to do this since our dad is sending off other people's kids to war!"

Jerusalem Post: In a joint announcement, Ariel Sharon and Yassir Arafat resign their posts and issue this statement - "We only know how to make war, it is time for these warriors to give way to those who know how to make peace."

Saudi Arabia government: "We realize we've made a mistake in giving our oil money to fund narrow minded 'religious' schools that teach hatred. From now on, we are going to use our money to turn the Middle East into a center of learning and science as it was in the days of our forefathers and in the real tradition of Islam."

Ok, a little long for headlines...

Posted by Karen @ 03/26/2003 01:53 AM CST

i think this war is evil! so letz make peace and everyone be happy

Posted by me! @ 03/27/2003 11:18 PM CST

I think this war iz very un necessary so letz all be friends make up and have fun. War iz one of the things everyone can live without so come on and be happy. And letz stop bombing and letz start hugging ^_^

Posted by your princess @ 03/27/2003 11:21 PM CST

Hey i think this war is bad.It is bothering everyone in the world. I dont even know why this war is necessary why couldnt we all made peace now everyone iz dying and and everyone iz crying go shape up and stop now!!!! alright

Posted by Krystal @ 03/27/2003 11:28 PM CST

If the weapons we have stockpiled is not used to destroy evil men like Saddam, what is every nation that is stockpiling weapons planning to do with them?

Posted by Gabriel @ 03/28/2003 08:14 AM CST

If we fail to destroy evil ones with our weapons, the good will certainly be destroyed by the evil ones that have them.

Posted by Gabriel @ 03/28/2003 08:15 AM CST

I am surprised at the Iraqi regime that has all of a sudden begun talking about "innocent people" while all along they have been the ones they have brutalised for their selfish ends.

Posted by Gabriel @ 03/28/2003 08:16 AM CST

What about the multitude of Iraqi citizens that were killed by Saddam's regime directly and were innocent prey for all his aggression with the nations around him?

Posted by Gabriel @ 03/28/2003 08:17 AM CST

I dont think the rich nations like US and UK are plundering Iraq with the US alone spending billions of dollars for the war. What is Saddam and his family doing afterall, living in more than 12 palatial palaces founded on the blood and breath of his own people?

Posted by Gabriel @ 03/28/2003 08:17 AM CST

I dont think the rich nations like US and UK are plundering Iraq with the US alone spending billions of dollars for the war. What is Saddam and his family doing afterall, living in more than 12 palatial palaces founded on the blood and breath of his own people?

Posted by Gabriel @ 03/28/2003 08:17 AM CST

We are not slaves to have dictators like Saddam rule us over. We need leaders who are interested in our welfare.

Posted by Gabriel, Iraq @ 03/28/2003 08:18 AM CST

I would have appreciated Saddam as a good man if he would have left his country as the US had asked him to, that would have avoided all this war and bloodshed. What we see now is Saddam's resolve in saving his own head and that of his family, at the cost of his faithful militia and his innocent countrymen.

Posted by Gabriel @ 03/28/2003 08:19 AM CST


War protesters take to Baghdad streets.

Show of solidarity: Islamic Jihad blow themselves all up.

Saddam ALIVE - living with Elvis.

Coalition forces discover oil in Iraq.

Bush and Chirac to do lunch - Putin fuming.

NATO boots U.S.

U.S. boots UN.

Swiss boots everyone.

Posted by Cynical Man @ 03/31/2003 08:00 PM CST

I'd like to see Saddam, Terizik (some christian he is) excommunicated from Earth.. Your site and reporting is disgraceful.

Posted by Anna Jimenez @ 04/01/2003 05:13 AM CST

I don't think we should have gone, I DON'T THINK WE SHOULD BE THERE,





Posted by Praxilla @ 04/01/2003 09:49 AM CST

Beware! Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Palastine and others, the genetically engineered bushdog (or Bulldog) is coming.

Posted by Rifat Syed @ 04/02/2003 05:43 PM CST

"Are you pondering what I'm pondering Tony?"
"I think so Bush, but what if we can't get the Iraqi's to give us they're oil?"
"Then we'll take over the world!!!!"

Posted by Tommieboy @ 04/02/2003 07:04 PM CST

Latest Headlines:

Saddam seen sipping coffee in Damascus cafe.

Bush: I won't be a one-timer like Dad.

Blair: Yes you will.

Coalition forces use giant wind turbines to blow chem gas back into Republican Guard forces.

Thousands of suicide bombers blow themselves up - and no one cares.

Sharon: I resign - no one listens to me anymore.

Posted by Cynical Man @ 04/02/2003 08:50 PM CST


Posted by AMERICAN @ 04/03/2003 12:35 AM CST

It's a good thing that US soldiers are expendable. Their marksmanship really sucks.

Posted by Wolf @ 04/04/2003 09:32 PM CST

derrez no point of goin 2 war b/c no1 winz in war each side loses derre own people.

Posted by guddi @ 04/12/2003 12:50 AM CST

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