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Palestinian petition urges Abolition of Oslo Accords


Right wing Israelis have been clamoring for PM Ariel Sharon to announce the abolition of the Oslo accords following the outbreak of the "second Intifada" in September, 2000. The accords granted material gains to the PLO, which was allowed to establish itself in the West Bank and Gaza. Now some Palestinians are asking for abrogation of the accords, though it is not clear what material benefits they might gain from this.

Original article in Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem Post
Dec. 15, 2002
Palestinian petition urges Oslo Accords abolishment

Some 70 prominent Palestinian figures have signed a petition calling on the Palestinian Authority to abolish the Oslo
Accords, and warning that the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq would place all the Arab countries under the
control of Israel and the US.

This is the first time that such a large group of widely respected and influential Palestinians have issued a public
demand to abolish the Oslo Accords and return to the "option of resistance" against Israel.
Signatories to the petition include members of the Palestinian Legislative Council and Palestinian National Council, as
well as university teachers, academics, lawyers, former mayors, physicians, political activists, workers student union
members, and businessmen.

One of the petition's organizers told The Jerusalem Post that a second petition would be published later this week with
yet more names. "Many people, including top Fatah and PA officials, told us that they fully support our initiative," he
"There's nothing wrong with admitting that Oslo was a historic mistake," he added.

The four PLC members who signed the petition are Muawiyah al-Masri of Nablus, Abdel Jawad Saleh of al-Bireh, Ahmed
Irsheid of Jenin, and Ali Abu al-Rish of Hebron. Among the academics are Hisham Sharabi, who lives in the US, Talal
Okal, a writer and journalist from Gaza City, and Abdel Sattar Kassem, a professor of political science from Nablus, who
has announced his intention to run against Yasser Arafat in the next general election.

Former mayors Bassam Shaka of Nablus, Wahid Hamdallah of Anabta, and Khaled Awad of Kabatiya added their voices to the
call to rescind the Oslo Accords.

"We call on the Arab states and their leaderships, first and foremost the Palestinian Authority, to reject the Oslo
Accords," reads the petition, a copy of which was sent to PA Chairman Yasser Arafat on Saturday. "We also call for the
rejection of separate and bilateral agreements that are imposed against the will of liberation and [against] Arab

The petition implores the PA to repair the damage that has resulted from the Oslo Accords and to "unite the national
will to resist."
Warning against factional and tribal schisms in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the Arab world, the Palestinian figures
added: "The collapse of Iraq would result in the entire Arab world becoming contingent upon the imperialists and

The petition also calls on the PA and Arab governments to abide by their peoples' national interests and not to be
dragged into initiatives and agreements aimed at dismantling the Arab nation.

"The goal of these initiatives, agreements, and positions is to dismantle the Arab nation and pave the way for [Israeli
and American] dominance of the region," the petition states.

It predicts that the PA would be asked to make far-reaching concessions or cease to exist soon after the US and its
allies achieve their goals in Iraq. The petition says that even if the Palestinian leadership were to accept the recent
US road map peace plan, "this will not change the strategic goals of this racist and aggressive alliance."

The petition lashes out at the US for preparing to wage a war against Iraq, and warns that Arab and Islamic countries
would be the next target after Iraq. "Taking control over Iraq would facilitate the liquidation of those neighboring
regimes which have maintained their independence and liberty, such as Syria, Lebanon, and Iran," it claims.

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Replies: 3 comments

This is an interesting service.

Posted by A. Sheffield @ 12/15/2002 05:59 PM CST

Well I disagree with the 'reasons' these Palestinians list 'blah blah blah Zionists, imperialists, more of the same stuff they've been saying for years...'.
The real reason for Palestinians to question the Oslo accords...is the average Palestinian better off or worse off, have they helped the situation at all?
It has been almost 10 years, what happened to the Palestinian state?
Blame on both sides, and the Palestinians need to look at what they did, not more propaganda that will lead nowhere. Yes the Israelis need to look at their side too but if this statement is the best the Palestinian intellectuals have to offer, no wonder there is no Palestinian state.


Posted by Karen @ 12/16/2002 02:51 AM CST

I think the key to understanding the implications of this lie in who has signed and what positions they have taken in the past. Are these people who have been part of the efforts to bring a just peace for both peoples? The use of the term "Arab nation" makes me question this even more so.
As for the issue of the removal of Saddam Hussein making the entire Arab world subject to US (and Israeli!) domination seems a bit paranoid to me.
Did Osama write this!

Posted by Carol @ 12/16/2002 02:58 AM CST

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