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07/17/2011: Eulogy for Ami Isseroff
07/15/2011: Ami and Joe: two great men have left us
05/14/2011: Bashar Assad and the mysterious west
02/13/2011: Scenarios for Egypt
01/06/2011: Prophet and loss statement 2011
09/27/2010: Did Bibi blow it?
09/11/2010: 9-11- Trashing a Tragedy
07/21/2010: The secret Palestinian peace offer
07/19/2010: Israel-Palestine: The Jewish one-state solution- Are they serious?
07/18/2010: Saudi Arabia: Trouble in the making?
03/10/2010: Is anyone serious about the Middle East peace process?
02/20/2010: Horse Sense about America and the Middle East
12/23/2009: Crystal Ball 2010
12/02/2009: A Palestinian peace plan for all of us
11/09/2009: The end of the peace process movie?
09/23/2009: The summit of the absurd: Middle East process without peace
09/06/2009: Why Israelis and Americans are angry
08/25/2009: The vicissitudes of the Israeli-Palestinian-American Peace Process
08/22/2009: Gauging US policy: Afghanistan and Iraq
08/03/2009: Jerusalem Forever
07/26/2009: What makes Barack Obama and his peace initiative fail?
07/26/2009: What makes Israeli-Palestinian peace initiatives fail?
07/21/2009: Palestinian-Israeli Peace Camp
06/29/2009: Michael Jackson effect on the Middle East
06/21/2009: Where is Iran going?
06/15/2009: Handing Netanyahu a victory
06/14/2009: Iranian elections: It could have been worse!
06/05/2009: El Rais Obama?
05/30/2009: Obama, Abbas, Netanyahu: Much ado about nothing
05/29/2009: Book Review: Benny Morris, One State, Two States
05/13/2009: Israel. USA and the peace initiative: So dumb it has to be smart?
04/25/2009: Iraq: State of denial, again?
04/09/2009: Lieberman and Annapolis: Reason versus wishful thinking
04/01/2009: Israelis without posts to sue Netanyahu Government
03/30/2009: PA stomps out candle of hope for peace and understanding
03/26/2009: Israeli-Palestinian peace: Youth show the way
03/19/2009: Netanyahu's right wing bloc block and Barak's labor of love (of power?)
03/19/2009: Selling out the Palestinian people and the cause of peace
02/21/2009: The myth of the right wing bloc
02/19/2009: US in Afghanistan: Disaster in the making
02/18/2009: Bibi Netanyahu won't beat Hamas
02/11/2009: Israeli elections: What happened?
02/09/2009: Israeli elections: Surprise?
02/05/2009: Lieberman: Israel careening to the right
01/27/2009: U.S. Middle East Policy - Going Where?
01/14/2009: War in Gaza: Another Take
01/14/2009: The facts about Hamas
01/12/2009: War crimes: Setting the Record Straight on Gaza and Mark LeVine
01/11/2009: Hamas' Interests
01/10/2009: Gaza: Israeli Options
01/10/2009: Gaza Tragedy - Waiting for Barak?
12/28/2008: Prophet & Loss Statement, 2008
12/28/2008: Gaza tragedy unfolding
12/16/2008: Iraq, America and the Gulf states
12/15/2008: Iraq's Future
12/09/2008: Revisiting Islam vs Islamism
12/07/2008: The Likud and the Hamas: A match made in Heaven?
12/03/2008: Mumbai terror and Somali Pirates
11/24/2008: US Imposed Middle East Settlement: Start of another fiasco
11/19/2008: Israeli elections may bring a brave new world
11/19/2008: At the Crossroads, Again: Israel Facing Early Elections
11/16/2008: Benny Morris: 1948 - A book that can make a difference
11/13/2008: Hamas and 1967 borders: Enough to induce Obama?
11/10/2008: Barack Obama: Maybe he can't
11/10/2008: Hamas and the Quest for Middle East Peace
11/07/2008: Lost in Translation: Who Me, a Settler?
11/05/2008: Free at last!
11/03/2008: Middle East: Collision course
10/23/2008: Hamas: Myth vs Fact
10/21/2008: Palestinian unity and peace paradox
10/08/2008: Is it 9-11 in the world economy?
09/29/2008: Israeli-Palestinian Peace - Going noplace?
09/23/2008: In Defense of Indian Secularism
09/18/2008: Devil's advocate: New Elections in Israel
09/11/2008: Lessons of 9-11
09/08/2008: Everybody loves the Hamas
09/04/2008: Middle East: Hungry and Angry
08/28/2008: Abie Nathan - Abu Salaam
08/17/2008: Palestine & Israel: One state and binational state 'solutions' are frauds
08/11/2008: Israel & the Palestinians - No peace progress, whose fault?
07/14/2008: No attack on Iran in sight - yet
07/13/2008: Will Iran Finally Blink?
07/13/2008: Not Everything is conflict
07/04/2008: Gaza: how peace is lulled to eternal sleep
06/29/2008: Democracy in the Middle East
06/22/2008: Is US Middle East policy hopeless?
06/18/2008: MidEast Hopes Tempered by Caution
06/18/2008: The day Middle East Peace broke out
06/12/2008: Advice to candidates: US Middle East Policy
05/31/2008: Hezbollah and Lebanon: Whistling in the Dark
05/31/2008: Israel - Syria Negotiations and their Possible Impact on Israel - Palestinian Peace
05/22/2008: Israel-Syria peace: a possible dream?
05/21/2008: Springtime for Nasrallah and Iran, winter for Lebanon and France
05/10/2008: Lebanon: frozen in the headlamps of history
05/07/2008: Rights for Palestinian refugees
05/07/2008: Israel-Palestinian negotiations muddle
05/06/2008: Durban Conference: Pushing the World's Battle against Racism
05/02/2008: Perverting the language of dialogue and peace making
04/21/2008: Arab World: Who's the leader of the club?
04/19/2008: Human Rights and Jimmy Carter
04/12/2008: The self image of the Middle East - Terrorists or just plain folks?
04/09/2008: Descending to a Summit: Understanding the New Arab Cold War
04/08/2008: Why is there no Israeli-Palestinian peace?
04/01/2008: Playing with fire: United States attack on Iran canard
03/31/2008: Arab Summits: A modest proposal
03/24/2008: Germany and the Middle East
03/23/2008: Killing the Israeli-Palestinian peace process again
03/15/2008: Palestinians and Israel: Wrecking the peace process
03/12/2008: Israel's Terrible Choices in Gaza
03/07/2008: Massacre in Jerusalem: A mighty blow for greater Israel
03/02/2008: Gaza: Holocaust or The Hashoah?
02/24/2008: Israel and Gaza: Two rights can make a wrong
02/21/2008: Israeli-Palestinian peace process? What peace process?
02/20/2008: Gaza and Sderot: Lighting a candle
02/14/2008: The rush to sell out Palestine and peace
02/12/2008: Hamas: Heads we win, tails you lose
02/06/2008: What am I missing about Gaza??
02/06/2008: Reading the Winograd Report: Ehud Olmert's Strategy for Political Survival
01/31/2008: Gaza Grief
01/23/2008: Gaza Gimmix
01/07/2008: Bush in the Middle East
01/06/2008: The war of the Zionist right against Sari Nusseibeh
01/05/2008: US Presidential candidates and the Middle East
12/30/2007: Crystal Ball 2008
12/27/2007: Bhutto Assassinated - Hope for democracy mortally wounded
12/26/2007: On priorities
12/21/2007: Prophet and Loss Statement: 2007
12/18/2007: Preparing for Israeli-Arab peace
12/16/2007: It's the Gaza strip, stupid
12/12/2007: Iraq and the Middle East: Optimism? What Optimism?
12/10/2007: After Annapolis - Business as usual?
12/07/2007: The oracle of Washington DC: Iran is not benign
12/05/2007: The Iran nuclear issue and the U.S. National Intelligence Estimate
11/29/2007: Iraq: A Surge of Optimism?
11/28/2007: Annapolis Summit: History or bluff?
11/27/2007: The King and the sword
11/27/2007: An Unprecedented Inter-religious Council: Putting Faith in Annapolis?
11/26/2007: On the brink of Annapolis: O ye of little faith
11/22/2007: Who's afraid of Annapolis?
11/13/2007: Kurdistan: the beloved country cannot even cry
11/13/2007: Israel and Palestinians: The crucial issue
11/09/2007: Who will be the turkey at the Annapolis Middle East Thanksgiving?
11/04/2007: Middle East Bullsh*t Bingo
10/31/2007: The strange physics of Middle East geopolitics is due for a paradigm shift
10/30/2007: Annapolis Middle East meeting: Lay down the law
10/27/2007: Annapolis meeting: Propitious signs for peace
10/25/2007: Annapolis: The consequences of failure
10/24/2007: Toward Annapolis: Palestinians learned nothing and forgot nothing
10/24/2007: Should the US propose an Israeli-Palestinian final settlement?
10/24/2007: Annapolis: Palestinian great expectations
10/24/2007: Annapolis: walking off the cliff?
10/24/2007: A happy end for Israel and Palestinians at Annapolis?
10/19/2007: Support for One Million Voices from the Palestinian Authority
10/18/2007: Sumud: One Million Voices for real peace in Israeli and Palestinian societies
10/16/2007: Israelis and Palestinians declare for peace
10/13/2007: Drowning out One Million Voices: The enemies of peace
10/08/2007: Spinning Jihadism and stopping the clash -- postscript
09/29/2007: Is Iran hiding nuclear facilities?
09/28/2007: Wrong way to democracy in the Middle East
09/27/2007: Giving peace a chance?
09/23/2007: Middle East Peace Conference: Plenty of nothing or a bit of something?
09/20/2007: Lebanon: A forgotten agony
09/12/2007: Solving the puzzle: Israeli air incursion in Syria
09/09/2007: Spinning Islamist Extremism: When "justice" and "peace" aren't what you think
09/08/2007: Transcript of Osama Bin Laden Tape September 2007
09/08/2007: 9-11 Reminder: Bin Laden Tape
08/31/2007: South Africa is not a model for Israel
08/30/2007: A better route to Israeli-Palestinian peace?
08/27/2007: Water Cooperation in the Middle East
08/25/2007: Readers' Comments and thinking about the Middle East II
08/25/2007: Pragmatism and Brutality in Middle East Analyses
08/25/2007: Peaceworks: Making the Business of Peace Thrive
08/23/2007: Special: OIG Report on CIA Accountability With Respect to the 9/11 Attacks
08/22/2007: Readers' Comments and thinking about the Middle East I
08/11/2007: Hamas and Syria won't watch the peace on television
08/11/2007: Peace conference: beginning of hope or fresh catastrophe?
07/27/2007: Understanding the obvious: U.S. policy toward Israel
07/22/2007: Israel and Palestine: The time for serious peace action is now
07/16/2007: Bush Push on Israeli Palestinian Peace: New Hope?
07/09/2007: Syria: Winds of war, or just hot air?
06/28/2007: Truth About Syria
06/27/2007: Sharm summit surprises: Abbas is abandoned
06/27/2007: Update: PBS's Getler repudiates reference to 6,000 Palestinian deaths in Six Day War
06/27/2007: Israeli-Arab Peace: What Was and Might Have Been
06/25/2007: Sharm el Sheikh Conference: Vision versus reality in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
06/21/2007: False claim of 6,000 Palestinian deaths in Six Day War
06/20/2007: Gaza Coup: Islamization is coming
06/20/2007: Gaza Coup: Why now?
06/19/2007: Ten reasons why Fatah collapsed in Gaza
06/14/2007: Gaza: What is happening and why it is important
06/13/2007: Gaza Implodes: The anti-Altalena of the Hamas
06/12/2007: Stop the Chomesh march madness
06/11/2007: An EU for Israel/Palestine
06/08/2007: Claims of Entebbe conspiracy lack credibility
06/04/2007: In the Wake of the Winograd Interim Findings: Why Is Olmert Hanging On?
06/04/2007: Boycotting Middle East peace
05/28/2007: Palestine Unravels
05/17/2007: Chaos in Gaza: Saving Fatah from the Palestinians
05/11/2007: Arab Peace Initiative: Opening the window of opportunity
05/11/2007: Window of Opportunity for Middle East Peace: Arab or Saudi Peace Initiative?
05/06/2007: Notes from the May 3 oust-Olmert rally in Rabin Square
05/06/2007: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Just peace
05/02/2007: Winograd: Sins of Commission
04/23/2007: Salahuddin Shoaib Choudhury: What are you willing to do for peace and freedom?
04/11/2007: Middle East Misinformation: How to believe what you want to believe
04/10/2007: The Arab Peace Initiative versus the culture of confrontation
03/24/2007: Arab Peace Initiative: Israeli- Palestinian Joint Statement
03/19/2007: Israel and the Palestinians after the unity government
03/17/2007: Syria: Which way?
03/16/2007: Israel: The occupation is not so moral either
03/13/2007: Resistance: Moral or Murder?
03/08/2007: Middle East - Waiting for disasters to be handled by incompetents
03/04/2007: Religious leaders want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem
02/22/2007: Tripartite autism and how to break out of it
02/19/2007: Plain talk about Iraq
02/18/2007: Lebanon and Hezbollah: at long last, it is time to wake up
02/17/2007: Palestinian unity: Ominous signs
02/07/2007: Hamas-Fatah Unity Talks
02/06/2007: The Devil's Dictionary of Israeli-Palestinian Peace
02/02/2007: US Intelligence discovery:'Iraq at Risk of Further Strife'
01/28/2007: My View from our Sunni-Beiruti Neighbourhood
01/28/2007: President Katzav speaks in code. We get it.
01/27/2007: Davos: Building the public peace lobby
01/24/2007: Lebanon chaos: Cui Bono?
01/24/2007: Syria and Israel: deniable peace non-negotiations
01/21/2007: Bridging the Divide: Must Read, Must Think - Book Review
01/19/2007: Highlights of remarks made at Madrid +15: Gareth Evans, President, International Crisis Group, and former Foreign Minister of Australia
01/19/2007: Highlights of remarks made at Madrid +15: former Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Shlomo Ben-Ami
01/19/2007: Highlights of remarks made at Madrid +15: H.E. Mr Amr Moussa, Secretary General of the League of Arab States
01/19/2007: Highlights of remarks made at Madrid +15: Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Store
01/18/2007: Palestinians and Israel: Top down peace process for a new political horizon
01/13/2007: Winning in Iraq: Overcoming the urge to surge
01/07/2007: Crystal Ball 2007: The ball is clouded
01/02/2007: Recalling Teddy Kollek
01/02/2007: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead, Again
01/02/2007: Victims of Holocaust Denial - Jews, Muslims, and Human Dignity
12/30/2006: Saddam: Divisive death of a demonic dictator
12/30/2006: Prophet and Loss Statement 2006
12/25/2006: Iran: Laughing all the way to ground zero
12/24/2006: Abbas and Olmert - What meeting?
12/18/2006: U.S. Government and American Muslims Engage to Define Islamophobia
12/18/2006: Israel and Syria: Not missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity
12/15/2006: Iraq - Arab-Israeli Peace Linkage - in which direction?
12/08/2006: Iraq report: No wiser than we were
12/06/2006: Lebanon Crisis: What can be worse than violence?
12/05/2006: Eyewitness in Beirut: A Truly Divided Nation
11/30/2006: Peace comes closer?
11/22/2006: Jewish peaceniks, Christian visitors, and the Israel-Palestine problem
11/21/2006: To a Palestinian friend - how not to end the impasse
11/20/2006: The situation in the Palestinian and the Israeli Arenas, and Ways Out
11/13/2006: After the elections: US Policy in the Middle East
11/09/2006: The Prospects of Palestinian Statehood and Peace After Hamas' Electoral Success: Challenges of Hamas victory and ways out
11/09/2006: It is past time to end the Gaza mess
11/08/2006: David Grossman: The will to peace
11/02/2006: Rabin's Legacy: 11 years after - Hell is indifference
10/30/2006: Journalist Salah Choudhury on trial for his life and ignored
10/26/2006: Farewell to Robert Rosenberg - Pioneer of Internet for Peace
10/24/2006: Israel careens to the right: Government of national disunity
10/11/2006: Courageous journalist Salah Choudhury may face death sentence
10/09/2006: Peace TV? Might Happen
10/08/2006: Islamo-Fascism IV: The Twentieth Century dictatorships and Islamism
10/07/2006: Islamo-Fascism III: How to measure Fascism
10/06/2006: Islamo-Fascism II: What some experts say
10/06/2006: Islamo-Fascism I: What Bush said, and why it is objectionable
10/02/2006: Let's Get Serious about Iraq
10/01/2006: Signs of Peace - for the hopeful
09/27/2006: Iraq: You broke it, you bought it, so what now?
09/24/2006: Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue and Why it Isn't Working
09/23/2006: Muslims and Israel: Moshe Sharon's War against Civilization
09/22/2006: Byzantine background of the Pope's remark about Islam
09/21/2006: The Pope and the Imams: The end of Moderate Islam?
09/14/2006: Palestinian Unity: peace opportunity or mirage?
09/11/2006: The dumbest 9-11 Op-Ed?
09/10/2006: Pro-Palestinian Jews and peace
09/10/2006: Hezbollah's Victory: Reigniting the "Evil Hope"
09/09/2006: Redefining our goals and problems instead of investigations and resignations
09/03/2006: Unclear Iranian Nuclear Weapons Policy
08/31/2006: The Middle East Policy Paralysis Paradox
08/30/2006: Disillusion - Seniora says Lebanon will be last country to make peace with Israel
08/27/2006: Urgent need for peace education: Teaching hate in Gaza
08/27/2006: Lebanon and Israel: A chance for peace??
08/21/2006: Middle East: A neglected detail
08/18/2006: We won't ever forget the name of Amir Peretz
08/16/2006: Israel-Lebanon: No Horizon
08/11/2006: Lebanon War Fiasco: An experiment in learning by doing
08/04/2006: Middle East comedy versus reality
08/01/2006: Beyond the front lines
08/01/2006: War Fever
07/31/2006: Fighting Hezbollah in the worst way possible
07/27/2006: The Generic Israel-Lebanon War
07/20/2006: Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah: The vicious circle of righteousness, force, and loss of compassion
07/19/2006: Gaza and Lebanon "We told you so"
07/16/2006: Fog of War in Lebanon and Israel: Rumors and misunderstandings
07/14/2006: Putting it together: US Middle East Policy is coming apart
07/12/2006: Israel: Returning to Lebanon?
07/12/2006: A different voice from Sderot
07/09/2006: Gaza standoff is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in miniature
07/07/2006: Whose fault? The Blame Game in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
07/05/2006: Gaza: The Price of Protracted Occupation
07/05/2006: One state for Israelis and Palestinians is 'utopian'
06/29/2006: Israel and the Palestinians - over the cliff?
06/28/2006: Showdown in Gaza: Reality versus politics
06/24/2006: Presbyterian anti-terror resolution: A lifeline for the Middle East
06/21/2006: Iraq Embassy Memo portends Busherdammerung
06/19/2006: Occidentalism, Zarqawi and Iraq - A new ideology for a new era?
06/13/2006: Realignment is bent out of shape
06/13/2006: End of the PNA-PLO?
06/11/2006: Epitaph for Zarqawi
06/10/2006: Tragedy in Gaza
06/08/2006: Zarqawi killed: A good day for Iraq
06/08/2006: Prisoners' document dilemmas
06/07/2006: Hamas: Twisting in the Wind
06/03/2006: Maskiot Settlement tells us about realities of Israeli Policy
05/31/2006: Does Iran Want to Be Hit (First)?
05/29/2006: Iranian peace overtures in 2003 and mysterious non-reaction
05/28/2006: Palestinian face-off on Prisoner's document
05/28/2006: Did Iran make a peace offer to the United States in 2003?
05/25/2006: Bad news from the Israeli side?
05/25/2006: Good news on the Palestinian side?
05/24/2006: Olmert in Washington: A guide to the perplexed
05/22/2006: Olmert visits the emperor - convergence and roadmap to disaster
05/20/2006: Iranian unclear weapons program and the world's unclear response
05/16/2006: Ahmedinejad's Letter to Bush - Take II
05/10/2006: Palestine and Israel - No Road and No Map
05/10/2006: Ahmadinejad's letter to Bush: Worse than we could imagine
05/08/2006: Where are the Palestinians going?
05/07/2006: Hamas, the Arab Peace Initiative and reality
05/01/2006: Iran - High Noon?
04/28/2006: Israel, the Palestinians and terror - reinventing history
04/24/2006: Solving the Hamas Problem
04/17/2006: The Euston Manifesto - Taking Back the Dream
04/17/2006: Is the Hamas government about to fall?
04/12/2006: Passover Message: FREE PEOPLES - Yesh Tguva*
04/03/2006: Israeli Elections - What the Hell!
04/02/2006: What will happen after the Israeli elections?
03/31/2006: The devil is in the detail in the Middle East
03/31/2006: The Syrian regime is not about to collapse
03/29/2006: First Results - Israeli Election Surprises
03/25/2006: Gaza and the West Bank - What Nobody is Saying
03/23/2006: Iraquagmire - Putting an end to the Iraqi nightmare
03/16/2006: Strengthening Middle East Moderates
03/15/2006: Ehud Fit the battle of Jericho Jail
03/13/2006: Tel-Aviv will be fun city, Jenin a riot
03/11/2006: Iranian threats are not empty rhetoric and must be taken seriously
03/10/2006: Is there a future for Palestinians?
03/09/2006: Sedition or Patriotism?
03/04/2006: After Moscow: Israel and Hamas must make a deal
03/04/2006: About a Song - Make something good happen in Jewish-Arab Israeli dialogue
02/21/2006: Jordan valley - a disaster is quietly in the making
02/19/2006: Rise of Hamas - debacle for peace
02/13/2006: Palestinian Unilateralism in Action: The Hamas Campaign Platform
02/06/2006: Cartoon Crackup
02/01/2006: Hamas Victory: What happened and what should be done?
01/31/2006: An Early response to Hamas Success
01/28/2006: Hamas victory in the Palestinian elections
01/26/2006: Hamas victory - the new Middle East is not what we expected
01/21/2006: Abbas needs his 'Altalena'
01/19/2006: The Quiet Revolution - Politics of Peace
01/14/2006: Sharon: warrior or a man of peace at the end?
01/10/2006: Crystal Ball 2006
01/05/2006: Sharon's illness upsets the Israeli-Palestinian chessboard
12/31/2005: Prophet & Loss Statement 2005 - How good was the MEW Crystal Ball?
12/31/2005: Why Israel Labor's Leasing Proposal Falls Short
12/25/2005: Israel and Apartheid South Africa - is it a valid comparison?
12/19/2005: Islamism - The Tsunami of the future?
12/14/2005: Mehlis Report II - Complete Text and excerpts
12/13/2005: Abbas Joins Kadima Party: "Sharon is the best hope for peace"
12/13/2005: Pay heed to Jewish fears of Iran's Ahmadinejad
12/05/2005: Suicide Bombing in Netanya or 'The Iranian Candidate?'
11/29/2005: Springtime for Sharon
11/21/2005: Israel political earthquakes: Sharon quits, Peretz resurrects Labor
11/15/2005: Rice brokers deal to lift Gaza Siege - Maybe
11/14/2005: Laptop computer evidence of nuke program - is it conclusive?
11/10/2005: Terror in Jordan kills 57: Enough is Enough
11/08/2005: Thank the al-Khatib family for their gift to peace
11/08/2005: Self-righteousness will come home to roost ( or NY is Fun City, Paris is a riot)
11/03/2005: The legacy of Yitzhak Rabin - Ten years after
11/01/2005: A Palestinian Responds to Ahmadinejad's call for destruction of Israel
10/28/2005: Hedera - Lessons not learned: The violence is back
10/27/2005: Iran wants to destroy Israel - so what else is new?
10/25/2005: Two Muslims and one American consultant
10/25/2005: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Toward one history
10/23/2005: Mehlis Report fingers Syria, Lebanese officials for Hariri Assassination
10/23/2005: Rates of deadly violence --- U.S., Israel, Gaza
10/22/2005: Future of Palestine: Abbas at the crossroads
10/20/2005: Abbas visits the Emperor - Again
10/17/2005: Iraq vote means what?
10/17/2005: Violence in the West Bank
10/15/2005: Is Ariel Sharon the inheritor of Rabin? Is truth stranger than fiction?
10/12/2005: Al-Qaeda to Al-Qaeda - Zawahiri to Zarqawi
10/12/2005: Is this what is wrong??
10/10/2005: Abbas - Sharon summit postponed - No surprise there.
10/10/2005: Zionist Dream or Zionist Nightmare - The future is up to us
10/05/2005: Untangling Iraq
10/02/2005: Five years of Intifada - a reckoning
10/02/2005: Second Guessing Rabin
09/29/2005: Sharon: The tiger is smiling
09/20/2005: Sharon's speech - The anti-Climax
09/08/2005: Karen Hughes and American Muslims: Alliance against Extremism
09/08/2005: The Palestinians are burning their future
09/08/2005: Hurricane Katrina and Ovadia Yosef's Racism - Enough is Enough
09/08/2005: The Israel press and disengagement
09/05/2005: Surefire political position diagnostic
09/05/2005: Settlement freeze is a hopeful sign
08/31/2005: Disaster in Iraq - Massive tragedy underlines the urgency of the problem.
08/23/2005: Disengagement Critics Were Mistaken
08/15/2005: Yet another article about disengagement
08/14/2005: Divestment and Bolshevism
08/14/2005: Swearing allegiance in Tel Aviv
08/08/2005: An Existential threat called "Yesha": An open letter to the leaders of Yesha - Arnon Sofer
08/05/2005: Terrorist Kach Soldier - A blow to Sanity, Peace, Israel, IDF and Zionism
07/26/2005: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Gaza
07/21/2005: Disengagement in Gaza: The unsettling end of orange?
07/14/2005: Disengagement diary: Wayward taxi
07/13/2005: Bombing in Netanya - Chaos in the Palestinian Authority
07/07/2005: 9-11 in London: Bomb blasts bring Britain into the Al-Qaeda victims club
07/04/2005: The Missing Peace II: Peace is not a Piece of Paper
06/24/2005: The Missing Peace Part I: The Missing Piece
06/24/2005: The face of evil - Wafa the hospital bomber
06/15/2005: Truth, Demonization and Reconciliation - Parents' Circle and Frontpage Magazine
06/13/2005: Public Participation: Critical for Success of Morocco's "National Initiative for Human Development"
06/08/2005: Boogie with the Bogeyman? Legitimizing Hamas
06/01/2005: Abbas visits the Emperor
05/24/2005: Peace is not a religion
05/23/2005: Son of Robert Pape's Suicide Bombing Crusade Returns
05/05/2005: Beware of the Outsiders - The AUT Boycott and Divestment Initiatives
04/28/2005: Not in my name
04/10/2005: Deir Yassin: The Conflict as Mass Psychosis
04/06/2005: Israel and the Holocaust II
04/06/2005: Disengagement: Pipes' Folly
04/04/2005: The Two State solution is the only solution for peace between Israelis and Palestinians
04/02/2005: Israel and the Holocaust - it is time to forget the myth
03/31/2005: Support the Free Muslim March against Terror
03/13/2005: Palestine and Israel - Is baby peace process progressing or lulled into complacency?
03/13/2005: Israel and Palestine - Developmental Problems of Baby Peace Process Jr.
03/09/2005: "Beirut Diary" - Closeup of events, opposition and Hizbollah demonstrations
03/08/2005: Lebanon: Deliverance or Despair?
03/06/2005: Lebanon: Point of No Return
03/06/2005: The Fate of Lebanon and the Oracle at Damascus
03/01/2005: The incredible lightness of non-being in Iraq
02/26/2005: The Morning After the Tel Aviv Bombing
02/26/2005: Suicide Bombing Shakes the Truce
02/21/2005: Israeli-Palestinian Relations - How to Give Peace another Chance
02/18/2005: Photo Analysis of Hariri Assassination Scene Shows it was an Underground Explosion
02/16/2005: 1, 2, 3, Why Kill Hariri?
02/14/2005: Assassination of Hariri - Campaigning Middle-East Style
02/08/2005: A really democratic referendum about settlements and disengagement
02/08/2005: The Israeli-Palestinian Summit: Great Expectations
02/01/2005: Elections in Iraq - Outing the Bad Guys
02/01/2005: Arab Media versus the Iraqi Elections
01/27/2005: Palestine: Birth of a Nation, Take II
01/21/2005: Israel and the Palestinians: Some Good News for a Change
01/10/2005: Palestinian Elections: How Peace Could Happen Nonetheless
12/29/2004: Crystal Ball 2005
12/28/2004: Prophet & Loss Statement 2004 - How good was the MEW Crystal Ball?
12/22/2004: Press Versus Truth II: The many Herzliya speeches of Ariel Sharon
12/21/2004: Press Versus Truth I: Incitement in Palestinian Texts: IHT Versus Reality
12/18/2004: Israeli-Palestinian Peace: Sharon's speech and Abbas's answer define the gap
12/07/2004: The Winds of Peace?
12/01/2004: Success or Failure in Iraq and how to tell the difference
11/28/2004: Is Iraq like Vietnam? The myth of the invincible guerillas
01/16/2005: Iran's nuclear straddle continues - for now
11/22/2004: First Steps to Peace - A Middle East Peace Activism Proposal
11/16/2004: After Arafat - A New Era?
11/11/2004: Yasser Arafat in past and future history
11/04/2004: Barak: "I am back"
11/04/2004: Osama Bin Laden's Latest tape- October 2004
11/04/2004: Why Bush won - a guide for foreigners
11/02/2004: Dennis Ross on Arafat's culpability
10/28/2004: Palestine and the Palestinians after Yasser Arafat
10/26/2004: Middle East alternative realities - no danger of a shortage
10/26/2004: It can happen again: Nine years since the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin
10/23/2004: Disengagement, democracy and hype
10/10/2004: Taba Attacks: Tragedy for Peace
10/06/2004: Will disengagement freeze the peace process?
10/06/2004: Arafat is no Mandela
10/04/2004: Gaza: The Brutality of Political Inevitability
09/28/2004: Palestinian Right of Return - The Heart of the Problem
09/25/2004: What terror statistics tell us about the issues
09/23/2004: Yom Kippur: Atonement and Politics
09/19/2004: Iraq between two elections
09/06/2004: Beslan tragedy: Some unpleasant truths
09/01/2004: Dismally significant suicide bombings in Beersheba
08/23/2004: Israeli coalition mysteries - a perplexing guide
08/20/2004: Iran-Israel Olympic quarrel and Iran-Israel Friendship
08/16/2004: Where Iraq is headed: not anyplace good
08/11/2004: IRAQ: Phony Sovereignty
08/09/2004: Democracy, the magical Mideast foreign policy panacea
08/02/2004: It's not too late ... The premise and promise of Israel in the Holy Land.
07/28/2004: Darfur: All they are saying is, "give genocide a chance."
07/28/2004: Checkpoints - Conscience and good sense
07/26/2004: Muzzled
07/25/2004: A Message for Syrians from Ibrahim Hanano
07/22/2004: Middle East Grand Strategy in 60 Seconds or Less
07/20/2004: Al-Qaida and Iran: what it means
07/19/2004: More Chaos in Palestinian Society
07/14/2004: The Israeli Security Barrier (Fence,Wall) and the ICJ
07/12/2004: The politicization of Iraq intelligence
07/11/2004: The ICJ writes off the UN Charter
07/07/2004: The same old Middle East cliches at the CIA
07/06/2004: Iraq: Politics is no panacea
07/04/2004: Israeli Settlements - What's wrong with this picture?
07/02/2004: Israel's outpost hutzpah
06/28/2004: Iyad Allawi takes over: A milestone in the Iraq disaster
06/23/2004: Now he tells us: Paul Wolfowitz reconsiders Iraq
06/11/2004: The Lesser Middle East Reform Initiative
06/09/2004: Perils of Sharon Returns: Sharon Invictus? or "The Tragedy of Yossi Beilin"
06/07/2004: Ronald Reagan's surprising legacy in the Middle East
06/02/2004: The importance of being Ahmad: what Chalabi means to Washington
06/02/2004: Creating a Reality of Israeli-Palestinian Peace
05/30/2004: Perils of Sharon - Latest Installment
05/27/2004: What did President Bush say in his speech?
05/25/2004: The moral terrain of the Middle Eastern battlefield
05/21/2004: Bnei Sachnin: Unprecedented soccer victory and cautious optimism
05/20/2004: Racist Retires to write Recipes, Racism still going strong
05/19/2004: Gaza Horrors
05/16/2004: Gaza Demolitions - Is the IDF lying? Is there a better way?
05/15/2004: The Israeli Peace Movement is Back
05/15/2004: Iraq - continued welcome for coalition?
05/14/2004: Hamas: Reports of its death are greatly exaggerated
05/12/2004: Frustrating the will of the people
05/10/2004: The Israeli-Saudi war of weakness
05/09/2004: The Mysterious Curse of the Middle East
05/05/2004: Torture and Mayhem in Iraq - Mission Aborted
05/03/2004: Ariel Sharon's Disengagement Plan Defeated in Likud Poll: Now What?
04/28/2004: Is Ariel Sharon's Disengagement plan in trouble??
04/26/2004: Israeli-Palestinian-American relations in the era of unilateralism
04/25/2004: Al-Hurra - Bad News Reporting is Bad News
04/24/2004: From Syria to America: With Love
04/23/2004: Post-Zionism: Requiem for an intellectual fad
04/18/2004: French lessons: What America can learn about dealing with terrorism
04/17/2004: Israel kills Hamas head Abdel Aziz Rantissi - Celebrity Scrapbook
04/15/2004: Bush and Sharon: Much ado about more than nothing - a commented celebrity scrapbook
04/13/2004: Louis Freeh, the FBI, 9-11, the Matrix and the US Virtual Middle East
04/12/2004: Fact and Fiction about the Israeli Wall/Fence/Barrier in Jerusalem
04/11/2004: My afterlife conversion
04/08/2004: Is Iraq burning? Return of the ungrateful volcano
04/01/2004: Why America hates the Saudis
04/01/2004: Is Israel's PM Ariel Sharon on the way out?
04/01/2004: Arab Summit Collapse - No to democracy and reform for now?
03/26/2004: How close was Libya to the bomb? Did the U.S. exaggerate?
03/25/2004: Foreign intervention in Palestine will not happen
03/25/2004: A backward glance at the Iraq war - Israel/Palestine first
03/24/2004: The Middle East martyrdom game: Ze'evi, Yassin, Arafat..- converting bad leaders into dead saints
03/24/2004: Kurdish agony - the forgotten massacre of Qamishlo
03/22/2004: Ahmed Yassin Background - a celebrity scrapbook
03/22/2004: Death of a terrorist and the stupidity of the Israeli left
03/22/2004: Killing Ahmed Yassin: What is the point?
03/18/2004: What unilateral disengagement plan?
03/17/2004: Spain: Why terror toppled the government
03/15/2004: Report: Washington May Outsource Regime Change
03/14/2004: Ashdod: Yet another suicide bombing poisons hopes for peace
03/14/2004: Iran's nuclear straddle starts coming undone
03/12/2004: Nathan Yonathan: A poet of peace has died
03/12/2004: Spain - The 9-11 of Al-Andalus
03/11/2004: Islam, Islamism and Democracy
03/10/2004: Sit-down Protest in Damascus
03/08/2004: New Iraqi constitution - paper or reality? (includes summary of provisions)
03/06/2004: Lucky Citizens
03/06/2004: Is the Palestinian Authority self destructing?
03/04/2004: The real Iraq intelligence scandal
03/03/2004: Did Iran launch a crash nuclear weapon program?
03/03/2004: Mayhem and martyrdom in Iraq
03/01/2004: The little shahids that (almost) could
02/29/2004: Why not a Conciliation day ?
02/28/2004: Oh Tannenbaum our Tennenbaum: Israel's great security fiasco.
02/28/2004: What if?
02/28/2004: The Republic of Gaza
02/28/2004: No Right of Return for the other refugees
02/27/2004: Saudi Arabia: No Jews need apply
02/26/2004: Mel Gibson's Passion Take 2 - what it means to whom
02/25/2004: Is Saudi Arabia running low on oil??
02/25/2004: Egyptian and Saudi Rulers: No to Democracy
02/25/2004: Of Civilization and Hypocrisy
02/24/2004: The Middle East peace program for the rest of us
02/23/2004: Inside Libya's nuclear program
02/23/2004: The fence and the bombs: Rage and Reconciliation
02/22/2004: The unmaking of U.S. foreign policy
02/22/2004: Saad Eddin Ibrahim - Speaking out for Democracy
02/22/2004: Suicide Bombing: Between the "Fence" and the Fanatics
02/22/2004: How low are the stakes in Iraq?
02/21/2004: Iran: The end of Free - for now
02/20/2004: Palestinian Education: What is the lesson?
02/20/2004: America in Iraq: A New Future for the Middle East?
02/20/2004: Find Iraqi WMD, earn $$$ -- maybe
02/19/2004: Mel Gibson's Passion, Take 1: The Simpsons
02/18/2004: Islam and the Concept of Martyrdom
02/15/2004: Axis of Evil, version 2.0
02/13/2004: Bread: Israelis versus the Sharon Government
02/12/2004: Iraq: Fighting for Truth, Justice and the Islamic Way
02/12/2004: Keeping tabs on the "second-oldest profession"
02/11/2004: Suicide Bombings - Did the EU get what it paid for ?
02/11/2004: The NIC in the Middle East, continued
02/10/2004: Saudi Arabia: American policy impaled on the horns of a dilemma
02/09/2004: The Israeli Security Barrier and the Chicago Tribune
02/09/2004: Facing "enlightened" racism
02/08/2004: Ha'aretz: No Compassion for the evil ones
02/08/2004: Unilateral evacuation - the consequences of the inevitable
02/08/2004: Palestinians: Fenced into Limbo - Gidon Remba
02/06/2004: Attention Bloggers and others - Help wanted for Human Rights case (Espagnol, PortuguÍs)
02/02/2004: Israel's bum deal with Hizbollah
02/02/2004: Intelligence analysts predict Iraq's "negative consequences"
02/01/2004: Iraq after the handover
02/01/2004: Organizing the use of force in Iraq
01/29/2004: In Palestine - Chaos and Bombs
01/25/2004: Bangladesh journalist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury charged with sedition
01/25/2004: Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism, Criticism of Israel: A perplexing guide
01/23/2004: Benny Morris changes his mind (again)
01/23/2004: Who'll tell George about Iraq?
01/21/2004: Because it is showily evident
01/21/2004: Israeli security barrier: back to the drawing boards?
01/21/2004: Israeli Scandal: Son of the Godfather and Sopranos returns
01/20/2004: Conditions for victory in Iraq, continued: political vs. military
01/18/2004: Negotiating the Israeli security fence
01/16/2004: Israeli officials compete for extremism accolades
01/15/2004: Benny Morris and the Palestinian transfer bogeyman
01/12/2004: The New Israeli Political Map
01/08/2004: Happy New Year from Dakka Jail - Salah Choudhoury
01/07/2004: Text - Ariel Sharon: Speech at the Likud Meeting
01/07/2004: Osama Bin Laden's latest Message
01/06/2004: Death of a Road Map
01/06/2004: What are the conditions for victory in Iraq?
01/05/2004: Playing defense: Iraq as a factor in US politics
01/04/2004: Bam - Seismic earthquake, Political aftershocks
01/04/2004: Why Arik will ignore Bashar
01/02/2004: Was winning in Iraq an afterthought?
12/31/2003: In your face, Bashar Assad
12/31/2003: How to win friends and influence people - by shooting them
12/29/2003: The Middle East in one easy lesson
12/28/2003: They shoot Palestinians, don't they?
12/25/2003: Crystal Ball: What will happen in 2004
12/25/2003: The promise of the Internet, Mideastweb and Paris Hilton
12/22/2003: Prophet and Loss Statement 2003 - How good was the MEW Crystal Ball?
12/22/2003: Lessons from Libya
12/21/2003: Sharon's unilateralism: What it means
12/21/2003: Urgent - Help Jailed Bangladesh Journalist
12/17/2003: America stands alone in Iraq
12/16/2003: Israeli security Experts: Israeli withdrawal is a security necessity.
12/16/2003: Behind McNamara's "no comment" on Iraq
12/15/2003: Saddam: Back to Business as Usual
12/14/2003: In Saddam's prison
12/14/2003: Saddam Hussein Captured Alive
12/12/2003: What's a Wahhabi?
12/12/2003: Geneva and the Fence: two non-solutions
12/10/2003: Geneva Accord: Spelling out the real alternatives
12/08/2003: The Apostasy of Ehud Olmert
12/07/2003: The Hudna Bust & Why it Happened
12/07/2003: The latest reason America is in Iraq
12/01/2003: Launching Geneva
11/30/2003: Anti-Peace Peace Groups
11/30/2003: Dialogue is Dangerous
11/27/2003: How many states?
11/25/2003: The Emperor's New Peace Plan
11/24/2003: Just a headline?
11/20/2003: More Horrors in Turkey - Holy Murder
11/20/2003: Of Road Maps and SOBs
11/20/2003: Who do you believe II?
11/20/2003: Iran's nuclear Pandora's box
11/20/2003: Iraq: the game is already over
11/17/2003: New Hope for Peace?
11/16/2003: Horror in Turkey - Anti-what?
11/14/2003: Is there a "Carlos Westendorp" moment in Paul Bremer's future?
11/12/2003: China's positive role on Iran
11/12/2003: They will make a dictatorship and call it democracy
11/12/2003: The meaning of victory in Iraq
11/11/2003: Israel's image in the European Union
11/10/2003: The latest Riyadh suicide attack
11/10/2003: A letter from Iraq
11/08/2003: Hanan Ashrawi Gets Peace Prize
11/07/2003: Iraq: An encouraging word (for the US) from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
11/07/2003: Rabin: We can't expect them to mourn
11/05/2003: Son of Iranian Nukes Worries
11/05/2003: Dennis Ross: Israel Needs a Palestinian Partner
11/04/2003: Explaining "The Talkative American"
11/04/2003: Paul Wolfowitz: The Talkative American?
11/03/2003: Adding to the Mess
11/02/2003: Geneva: Right idea, difficult premises
10/31/2003: Trent Lott's My Lai solution
10/29/2003: Bernard Lewis: Son of Nuri as-Said Returns?
10/29/2003: Yossi Beilin versus Democracy?
10/28/2003: Some unoriginal observations
10/27/2003: Evolution: From Security Fence to Barrier to Ghetto Wall
10/27/2003: Stop the Madness - Another bombing of Aid workers
10/25/2003: What happened in Gaza? Civilian Casualties and the IDF
10/24/2003: Humpty Dumpty
10/23/2003: Democracy in Iraq - Why settle for less?
10/22/2003: Amos Oz on the Geneva Accords: Did they do the Grunt Work of Peace?
10/22/2003: An indecent proposal?
10/21/2003: Good News from Iran
10/18/2003: Third party Peace Efforts
10/18/2003: Osama Bin Laden's latest Message
10/18/2003: Bigotry and recantation - Mahathir Mohamed and General Boykin
10/18/2003: Coming to Grips with Terrorism
10/16/2003: Palestinians blow up American Aid Workers: PLO or PNA?
10/16/2003: Does Iran Need Nuclear Power?
10/13/2003: Security Fence or Apartheid Wall?
10/13/2003: A New Basis for Palestinian-Israeli Agreement
10/12/2003: Iran: Toward the next confrontation?
10/12/2003: Middle East Diary - October 12, 2003
10/09/2003: Nothing new under the sun
09/09/2003: Older and no wiser
09/08/2003: What Bush told Americans about Iraq, and himself
09/02/2003: At the brink of the abyss
09/01/2003: Vendetta illustrated
09/01/2003: Dear Trudy
08/21/2003: It all makes sense now
08/07/2003: A modest proposal
07/24/2003: Tactical objectives vs. strategic objectives
07/12/2003: "The Palestinian People:" Perhaps the best of its kind - could be much better
05/19/2003: Spinning a Sharon statement
05/13/2003: Pursuit of the Millennium
05/01/2003: Suicide bomber rewrites the script
04/30/2003: Second Chance for Peace?
04/25/2003: Who's in charge around here, anyway?
04/16/2003: Family Enterprise
04/15/2003: Definition of Terms
04/15/2003: Land for Peace: Addendum
04/14/2003: Land for Peace
04/11/2003: CNN Exec: We Witheld News About Iraq
04/11/2003: Minister of Information
04/09/2003: The Transmigration of Saddam Hussein
04/04/2003: Addendum on CBW
04/04/2003: Saddam's infrastructure of revenge?
04/01/2003: Letter to an Army friend
03/28/2003: Tip of the iceberg?
03/27/2003: Time for Plan B
03/26/2003: Methinks, ctd.
03/26/2003: Methinks the lady doth protest too much
03/25/2003: Is it wrong?
03/23/2003: War Pages and Headlines we'd like to see
03/19/2003: Tony Blair's Speech to Parliament on the Eve of War
03/19/2003: Document - Bush Speech on Iraq - Ultimatum to Saddam
03/17/2003: The Beginning of the End
03/10/2003: Report of Hans Blix on Iraqi Disarmament - March 7, 2003
03/07/2003: What went wrong in US Iraq policy?
02/21/2003: A last chance?
02/11/2003: Iraq - View from here & personal notes
02/10/2003: Hamas and the Cease Fire
02/03/2003: In Memoriam - Seven Heros of the Human Race
01/23/2003: Crystal Ball: Israel Election results
01/23/2003: Israel Election Polls - Left retreating - Jan 23 2003
01/19/2003: Iraq: How Saddam hides the smoke and the guns
01/19/2003: The Roadmap Ahead II - Which does Israel Want - Settlements or US Support?
01/17/2003: Israeli Election Polls - January 16-17, 2003
01/14/2003: Israel Election Polls - Sharon bounces back: Jan 12, 03
01/12/2003: Sharon's "I am not a crook" Speech - TEXT
01/12/2003: Israel Election Polls 10.01.03 - Scandal hurts Sharon, doesn't help the left
01/06/2003: Grim Routine - Palestinian Suicide Bombing Kills 23 in Tel Aviv
01/04/2003: Israeli Election Polls - January 3 2003 + Corrected predictions
01/03/2003: How To Build an Israeli Opposition (Author's title: Beyond Failures of Right & Left)
12/29/2002: Antisemitism in Europe
12/29/2002: Israel Election Polls December 27
12/29/2002: Crystal Ball: Ten New Year's Predictions
12/23/2002: U.S. moving embassy to Eilat?
12/21/2002: Israel Election Polls 20.12 - Israeli Arabs hate Sharon more than Saddam and OBL
12/21/2002: Why Oslo Failed? 1. The Oslo Peace Process - Lessons Learned
12/21/2002: Israeli Election Polls and Commentary - December 20
12/18/2002: Israeli Occupation, Curfew Paralyzing Palestinian Economy
12/18/2002: Israeli Elections - Latest Polls December 17
12/18/2002: Interview with Sari Nusseibeh
12/18/2002: Looking at the Future: Regional Confederation
12/16/2002: The Iranian Reform Movement: On the Road to Success?
12/16/2002: The Intifada is a way of life
12/16/2002: Who Says the Oslo Accords Were a Mistake?
12/15/2002: Arafat Distances Palestinian Cause From Osama Bin-Laden, Al Qaida
12/15/2002: Israel Election Polls December 12
12/15/2002: Palestinian petition urges Abolition of Oslo Accords
12/15/2002: The MidEastWeb Log


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