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**Hebrew- Learn Hebrew with Free Downloadable Application and Tutorial

**Babel: Arabic Free Online course in Arabic with text, sound, transcriptions and translations.

London School of Arabic - Colloquial Gulf & Egyptian & Modern Standard Arabic are taught by qualified and native Arabic teachers, for university students, business, & travelers.

**Hebrew Alphabet with sounds - Click on a letter or vowel to hear it sounded

**Learn Arabic - Alphabet and downloadable program

**Learn Ancient Aramaic

**Learn Ancient Sumerian

American Association of Teachers of Arabic Arab literature and places to study Arabic language in the United States, and around the World.

Arabic 2000 Learn Arabic Online - for a fee!

Arabic calligraphy

Arabic games

Arabic Language Educational Books Books and tapes to help you learn the Arabic language at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home.

Arabic Verb Conjugation

Arabic Foreign Language for Travelers.

Babylon - English to Foreign Lang. Translation and Dictionaries.

Hebrew- Hanuka House Game

Hebrew - Learn Hebrew CD Rom Catalogue

Hebrew Correspondence Course - Not free - Judge for yourselves

Hebrew Games & Resources - Many games here that load very slowly

Learn Arabic

Learn Hebrew Online - The Language of Modern Israel

Shariaprogram - Learn Arabic and Islam using a classic methodology under traditionally-trained western-born scholars

SearchLanguage - An online search engine that helps you find language resources: Dictionaries, Language Schools, Grammar, Online Courses, Translation ...

The Modern Standard Arabic Page Information, vocabulary and Arabic grammar. Provided by Harvard University.

The Land of Hebrew Letters - An interactive show for children aged 3-8.


Lingo24 offers free online Arabic-English and English-Arabic translation, Arabic language paraphrasing tool and an English language paraphrasing tool.

English-Hebrew-Arabic Dictionary