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2003: UN SC Resolution 1511 on Iraq -  recognizes the legitimacy of the American supported Iraqi government, and authorizes UN aid to Iraq under US supervision, while at the same time calling for submission of a time-table for Iraqi self governance.

2003: Reports of UNMOVIC and IAEA to the UN - Under UN Security Council Resolution 1441, the inspection teams were supposed to report back to the UN regarding results of inspections following the submission of the Iraqi Report. These reports were filed January 27. 

2002: UN Security Council Resolution 1441 - This resolution on Iraq calls for full cooperation with inspections and full disarmament. Inspections were stopped in 1998 after Iraq stopped cooperating with inspectors. The resolution is a compromise between the strong resolution that the US wanted, which would authorize invasion automatically upon non-compliance, and weaker French and Russian versions.

1999: UN SC Resolution 1284 (UNMOVIC- Iraq) - In 1998, the UNSCOM inspection system for Iraq authorized by Security Council Resolution 687 collapsed, after the Iraqi government had blocked access of inspectors to presidential palaces and other facilities. Resolution 1284 established UNMOVIC - The Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission, to take its place.

1995: UN SC Resolution 996 (oil for food) - In order to alleviate the suffering of the Iraq population, this resolution created the oil for food program.

1991: UN SC Resolution 687 (UNSCOM) - This resolution demanded that Iraq divest itself of weapons of mass destruction, and established a mechanism for inspections (UNSCOM).

1990: UN SC RESOLUTION 661 - Called for a blockade of trade with Iraq, until it withdrew from Kuwait.

1990: UN SC Resolution 660 (Iraq Invades Kuwait) - This resolution was adopted following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, and requested immediate Iraqi withdrawal.

1975: Algiers Accord - The Algiers accord regulated the border dispute between Iran and Iraq in the Shatt-el-Arab waterway. I


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