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Oslo Interim Agreement Annex VII
September 25, 1995
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Release of Palestinian Prisoners and Detainees

  1. The release of detainees and prisoners, as agreed upon in Article XVI of this Agreement will be carried out in three stages.
  2. The following categories of detainees and/or prisoners will be included in the abovementioned releases:
    1. all female detainees and prisoners shall be released in the first stage of release;
    2. persons who have served more than two thirds of their sentence;
    3. detainees and/or prisoners charged with or imprisoned for security offenses not involving fatality or serious injury;
    4. detainees and/or prisoners charged with or convicted of non-security criminal offenses; and
    5. citizens of Arab countries being held in Israel pending implementation of orders for their deportation.
  3. Detainees and prisoners from among the categories detailed in this paragraph, who meet the criteria set out in paragraph 2 above, are being considered by Israel to be eligible for release:
    1. prisoners and/or detainees aged 50 years and above;
    2. prisoners and/or detainees under 18 years of age;
    3. prisoners who have been imprisoned for 10 years or more; and
    4. sick and unhealthy prisoners and/or detainees.
  4. The third stage of release will take place during the permanent status negotiations and will involve the categories set out above, and may explore further categories

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