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AL-QUDS 26/9/1999 Page 9

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In a ceremony for planting a peace pole in Gaza

Dahalan calls for getting rights back to the Palestinians to guarantee security for the Israelis

Gaza-Ala El Mashharawi-The head of the preventive security in Gaza governments, the general Mohammed Dahalan assured that the Palestinian authority encourages the empowerment of the principals and concepts of peace between the Palestinian and the Israeli nation.

He added in his speech last night, in front of tens of Israeli peace activists in the ceremony of planting a peace pole in Gaza, that the main reason for the past crisis in the peace process was because it was limited on the official level and by now we’ve learnt lessons in which we should build the trust and peace between the nations in addition to the government to guarantee getting back the rights of the Palestinians, and on the other hand guaranteethe security for the Israelis, this is the basis that we can build our relation on.

He pointed out that Gaza, which has confronted the Israeli occupation in the past, is now ready to welcome the Israelis and to protect them through the same men whom have carried their weapons in the struggle for the withdrawal of the occupation.

Dahlan has expressed his happiness for the meeting, which assures the forgeting of the dark past between the Israeli and the Palestinian nation, and because it’s held on the day of the Jewish feast –sukkot- which the Israelis are celebrating it on the land of Gaza which became the land of expressing peace.

He added “I’m sure that through the peace supporters in the both nations, we can confront the enemies of peace enemies on both sides, till the true peace which is based on justice prevail”.

Then with the hands of Hagit Raanan – the Israeli peace and human rights activist- Barbra Wolf , the American activist and numbers of Palestinian peace and human rights activists, the peace pole which has the sentence “may peace prevail on earth ”with the four languages, the Arabic, Hebrew, English and Japanese on a metal plate, was planted on the land of Gaza, under the auspices of a Japanese association concerned with peace.

Hagit Raanan and Peace Pole


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