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Israelis Meet Palestinian Refugees

At the turn of the millenium, Hagit Ra'anan led a group of Israeli families to a peace dinner at a refugee camp in the West Bank, joining Palestinians in breaking the fast of Ramadan.

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Dinner at Askar

Photo by Uzi Keren

Hagit wrote about this visit beforehand:

Today, first Shabat, just before the first sunset of the New Millenium, a group of around 10 Israeli families, including children, carrying food to share and the Peace Bell brought specially for this event from the United States, sponsored by the One Day in Peace, the Jubillenium Meal Project and the Masters’ Group. All of us will come together to share Rammadan’s traditional Break-fast in the New-Askar Refugees’ Camp in the west Bank, near Nablus. Exactly after sunset, we shall light the Jubillenium Candle and the Peace Bell will be rung three times while the children with the parents, Palestinians and Israelis, each in his language will call out:

“No more war – May peace Prevail on earth”

“No more starvation - May all People of the World know Satiation"

"No more Separation - May Mankind live in Harmony and Fraternity”

I invite you to share your unconditional love, Peace Prayers and goodwill wishes with all humankind. May this Millenium reveal the peace that is already enduring. All we are asked to do is to open our hearts to illuminate our inner Peace and for our eyes to behold it.

Elf Sa’id, Elef Same’ach, Happy Millenium to you all.

Love & Joy - Hagit

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Ringing the Peace Bell at Askar

Photo by Uzi Keren

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