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"If we are to have real peace, we must begin with the children."    Mahatma Gandhi

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Group/Item Description Link/contact
Ada Aharoni Prof. Aharoni of Haifa Israel promotes dialog through culture and organizes conferences on dialog and peace. http://tx.technion.ac.il/~ada/home.html
Ada Aharoni: ada@techunix.technion.ac.il
Al Haddaf Association A peace center for children in the Old City of Jerusalem Israel (Palestine) run by Mr. Sandouka. They have no resources except good intentions and love. Please Help!  Books, writing materials etc. will be greatly appreciated. Al Haddaf Association, Al-Wad Street, No. 134, Old City of Jerusalem, Israel.
Ariga Web domain devoted partly - and very whole heartedly - to nonpartisan peace efforts. http://www.middle-east.yu-hu.com
Robert Rosenberg Robert@middle-east.yu-hu.com
Art for Peace On-Line Exhibition sponsored by Dr. Fisher (Israeli firm) http://www.art-peace.co.il
Bay Area Alliance Arab/Jewish Scientific cooperation and dialog group based at UC San Francisco in the bay area, California, USA. They hope to sponsor a training program for Palestinian and Israeli nurses and other projects. Jamil Kanaaneh E-mail: kanaaneh@cgl.ucsf.edu
Naftali Kaminski  kamins@itsa.ucsf.edu
Dudy Tzfati E-mail: tzfati@cgl.ucsf.edu   
Naftali Kaminski MD
Lung Biology Center, UCSF Box 0854
San Francisco, CA 94143 - 0854
Phone 415-2065902, 650-855-5667
E-mail kamins@itsa.ucsf.edu
Center for Bilingual Education in Israel Israeli based organization sponsors bilingual schools for Jewish and Arab children. Center for Bilingual Education in Israel
P.O. Box 9710, Jerusalem, Israel
Tel. 972-2-641-1670, Fax 972-2-642-1314
e-mail lgordon@netvision.net.il
Fear Free Future Also called 'Pieces for Peace' this is a unqiue project - A mosaic built of pieces contributes by Jewish and Arab Palestinian kids that will be erected in a peace park and grow and grow and grow. Please Help! - Thanks Yael Nativ yanativ@mail.netvision.net.il    Phone: 972-9-7495619 (Israel)
Noam Topelberg 972-9-9587845 (Israel) noam.topolberg@ipc.co.il
Donations: Orly Senior-Niv 972-8- 928 6638
Givat Haviva Peace Center Papers and projects related to peace and co-existence. http://www.inter.net.il/~givat_h/givat/g_table.htm
Hand In Hand The Israel Center for Bilingual Education is creating integrated bilingual and bicultural schools for Arab and Jewish Israelis. Contacts:
The Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel
PO Box 52141 Jerusalem ISRAEL
Tel: 972-2-648-1447 Fax: 972-2-648-1449
E-mail- info@handinhand.org.il

Hand in Hand PO Box 18157
Portland, OR 97218
Tel: 503-281-7606 Fax: 503-281-7558
E-mail: Handinhand12@aol.com

Hope Flowers School Bethlehem school that teaches the way of peace, non-violence and rapprochement. Volunteers and donations welcome and needed. It is the only school in Palestine (probably) that teaches Hebrew as part of the regular curriculum in both grade school and high school. Please Help! - Thanks Donations (Tax deductible ) in U.S.: Orange Country Middle East Peace Fund (marked Hope Flowers School)
P.O.B. 5891 Orange, CA 92863 5891
OR:  The Hope Flowers School, Acc't #118451 Mercantile Discount Bank, Bethlehem, West Bank via Israel. OR:  registered mail to The Hope Flowers School POB 732 -
Bethlehem-Palestine (Via Israel)
Gene Sandretto genesis@netvision.net.il Ghadda Issa amalzh@hally.net
IPCRI Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information. Jerusalem Israel and Bethlehem, Palestine. Education and Economic Projects. Studies of the refugee problem, final settlement attitudes, cooperation http://www.ipcri.org
Prof. Gershon Baskin peace@netvision.net.il
Dr. Zakaria El Qaq peace2@netvision.net.il
Palestine Street, El-Doha, Bethlehem
Telephones: +972-2-277-6054/5/6
Fax: +972-2-277-6057
email:  Peace@netvision.net.il
IPCRI Education for Peace Project Office
Dr. Marwan Darweish, Director
1 Nablus Road (Hindiyeh Building, East Jerusalem)  Tel: 972-2-626-0481, 627-4382
Fax: 972-2-626-0480
Jordan Non-Violence Group Engineer Mohammad Abu Jaber has started this group to promote eduction for non-violence in Jordan POB 8822, Amman, 11121,Jordan 
Telephone and Fax: 962-6-5681243
Mar Elias College Father Elias Chacour's college of peace accepts Muslim, Christian and Jewish Students. Father Elias has written extensively about coexistence and his work. email:echacour@netvision.net.il
web: http://www.m-e-c.org/
Middle East Peace Net Los Angeles USA organization dedicated to promoting Middle East Peace and Dialog Contact Deanne Armbruster
MERIA Mid-East Review of International Affairs - Electronic Journal - Jerusalem Israel http://ww.biu.ac.il/SOC/besa/meria.html
Prof. Barry Rubin besa@ashur.cc.biu.ac.il
Neve Shalom/Wahat El Salaam Mixed Arab/Jewish village that hosts dialog groups. Recently graced by a visit from Hilary Clinton. Israelis who live in the Jerusalem corridor area can send their children to school there. http://nswas.com
PACE PACE undertakes to establish and maintain cultural contacts between the Palestinian people and the peoples of the world. The association coordinates efforts with interested international cultural institutions and individuals with the aim of creating better conditions for a lasting peace in the region and the world. Selwadi Building, Nablus Road, El Bireh. Telefax 972-2-9986854 email pace@planet.edu


Peace Child Promotes coexistence among Jewish-Arab teenagers who collaborate to produce an original drama in special workshops. Peace Child Israel P.O. Box 3669.
Tel Aviv 61036
Tel: (972-3) 537-9683  Tel/Fax: (972-3) 537-9684
E-mail: pci@netvision.net.il
Play for Peace Peace education through play. Craig Dobkin
Re’ut Sadaka Dialog and joint activities for Jewish and Palestinian Youth. "Reut" and "Sadaka" mean "friendship" in Hebrew and Arabic. http://www.israelpages.co.il/reut
Seeds of Peace Organization that runs Arab/Jewish summer camps and other projects promoting dialog and peace seedspeace@aol.com
Shimon Peres Peace Center Economic cooperation organization founded by the ex-prime-minister - also promotes education for peace and people to people efforts. http://www.peres-center.org
WINDOWS A magazine prepared by Israeli and Palestinian children in Hebrew and Arabic. WINDOWS also runs community dialog projects and a magazine for High School youth, Panim El Panim. Volunteers and donations welcome and needed Ruth Atzmon
972-3-528-9183 winpeace@netvision.net.il
snail mail: 'Chalonot-Afikim Letikshoret' P.O.B. 56096 Tel Aviv
Mel Allerhandler   AllerhandM@aol.com

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