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1. Mujamma' Dijla ("Tigris Compound"), housing the  Revolutionary Command Council, Regional (Iraqi) Leadership, and Saddam's son Udayy
2. Barracks of the First Brigade of the Special Republican Guard
3. Mujamma' al-Qadisiyya ("Qadisiyya Compound"), housing government ministers and their party parallels, and Sujud Palace.
4. Amirat Street, heavily patrolled quarter housing a mix of senior officials, artists, and some of Saddam's family
5. City quarters with a large Sunni Arab population and well-established Shi'i old-time Baghdadis; all are carefully vetted
6. Saddam's City, a massive Shi'i poor quarter
7. (Between Haifa Street and the river) Republican Palace Guard (Himaya) barracks and other presidential sites
8. Umm al-Khanazir, a holiday resort for Saddam's security forces
9. Special Republican Guard Headquarters
10. Republican Palace
11. "Project 2000," command and control bunker 12. Special Security Organization (SSO) Headquarters
13. Elite living quarter (including the deserted homes of General Husayn Kamil and his brother Saddam)
14. Pan-Arab Command of the Ba'ath Party
15. Command of the Ba'ath Party Military Bureau
16. Deputy prime minister Tariq 'Aziz's office
17. Presidential and government offices
18. Ibn Sina, exclusive elite hospital
19. A massive new presidential palace to replace the old Qasr al-Zuhur; presently under construction
20. Elite living quarter, heavily patrolled by plainclothes guards.
Adapted from http://www.usip.org/oc/sr/baram/barammap.html 1998 Original map by Kenneth Allen, US Institute of Peace.

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